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Somvaar Ka Vaar To Unleash Contestant’s Real Selves


New year is just around the corner and after teaching the housemates a hard hitting lessons on cleanliness and basic hygiene, Salman Khan gets them to set new year resolution albeit with a twist. As per the task, the contestants have to give one of their fellow housemates a New Year’s resolution that they wish them to follow. Asim and Arhaan give Sidharth his new year resolution, both ask him to keep his anger in control and to keep a check on his language. Wherein Paras gives a resolution to Asim and tells him along with motivating your fans to do gym he should also motivate his fans by doing household chores and not makes excuses.

Up next, Salman Khan asks the contestants to put a cross across a contestant’s face with the help of a paint who are already being targeted or whom they wish to target in the new year. Much to everyone’s shock they end up choosing their friends over foes, a clear indication that insecurities have started brewing. While Paras paints Sidharth’s face declaring him as his biggest competitor, Arhaan and Rashami make Asim their next target.

The contestants are in for a big surprise as the ‘OMG queen’ Devoleena Bhattacherjee enters the house with a special purpose. While some shocked to have her back, Rashami tears up on seeing her friend. Intending to give everyone a reality check, Devoleena conducts a chat show in the house. First up is Rashami who faces a volley of questions about her and Arhaan’s relationship. She asks her the reason behind not accepting the ring and backing up Arhaan despite of what he did to her. Devoleena also expressed that Rashami might be pretending to not know about Arhaan’s child as she seems to be taking everything very lightly. She further accuses Rashami of distancing herself from the other contestants because of Arhaan.

Furthermore, as the fear of elimination takes over, Salman Khan announces that this time around, Bigg Boss will be announcing the name of the evicted contestant instead of him. He declares the names of the bottom three contestants- Madhurima Tuli, Shefali Bagga and Arhaan and makes them stand on a danger line.

Will the contestants take their resolutions seriously?  Who will get evicted this week?

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