Sonali Kulkarni gives good news (2)

Sonali Kulkarni tied the knot with Kunal Benodekar in London last year after a registered marriage in lockdown. Now recently Sonali Kulkarni has given a good news in the talk show ‘Patla Ter Ghya with Jayanti’. Sonali is calling someone and saying ‘can’t come now because there is good news’. So now will the cradle move in Sonali’s house too? Her fans have this question. Now, the audience will have to wait to know what this good news is. On this occasion, Sonali shares many stories that happened to her. She also tells a funny story about how people used to get confused between Sonali Kulkarni and her. She also said that she was rejected many times because of her voice. The audience will be able to watch this episode on Planet Marathi OTT soon.

Sonali Kulkarni gives good news (1)