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Sonam Arora’s Big  Debut On Silver Screen With John Abraham Starrer Batla House, Is Ready To Release Soon


Lipika Varma

Sonam Arora is Indian Bollywood and Television Actor who has been part of several short films and web series like Award winning short film Good night sleep tight, alt balaji`s Gandi baat 2 and Miya Biwi and Banana” in which she played the second lead.. Sonam Arora’s big Debut on silver screen with John Abraham starrer Batla house is ready to release soon.

What is you role in the film,” Batla House”?

I will be seen playing an important role in the movie. My role is going through very tough times in the movie. However, my character is that of a strong woman who finally through her confidence, determination is able to succeed the trials and tabulations’ times. I come out successful with a smile. I play the wife of actor Ravi Kishen.I do not have much scenes with him though. A major portion with him is when he is unwell. He is in the ICU.Well! Mine is a character that goes through tough times. But she is a very strong women, who has chosen not to be intimidated by the difficult circumstances and who speaks up for what is right & fights for justice. “

How was your experience working with John Abraham?

John Abraham is a very hard working person. He is very punctual actor & sincere towards his work; he inspired me to work more hard and motivated me to give my best shot.  He is extremely supportive as a co-star.  I was A bit nervous before doing a scene with him but he  made me feel very comfortable, He is a very positive person, words  fall short for me to express his goodness and being human quality.

And working with Director Nikhil Advani?. “Nikhil sir is wonderful director and he creates very comfortable environment for his actors, which helps us to give our best shot without any boundaries.

sonam arora john abraham

Any special memories while shooting for ,” Batla House”?

Yes! There is a scene at Raj Ghat.We were to shoot at the original RajGhat. But owing to certain unavoidable circumstances’ the sets of RajGhat was created in Lucknow.We were all like very astonished to find the replica which looked so real.. It looked so very original. However, we wish, if we could shoot at the real locations, which permission was not granted though, could have been yet a memorable and worth cherishing..”

Sonam Arora is single, so would she prefer a ,” Love or arranged marriage?

I can never imagine an arranged marriage. It sounds so weird to get married to a person you know not. Infact I would prefer a Love Marriage by all means.

And live in relations?

Live in relationship is yet okay but it depends from person to person. It depends on the individual. Having said that, our culture does not permit it. But in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi there are a few couple who prefer sharing live in relationship.

Last but not the least about being inflicted by the ,” ME TOO”  experience anytime she is quick to give away one experience,” Yes, I would not like to name the show or film and also the portfolio of the crew member. But definitely, I would like to express my gratitude to Secretary of CINTAA- Shushant Singh who took quick action and set everything right for me. However, I had not met him at all. Nor did I know that it was because of his quick action my case pertaining to ,’ Me TOO’ was solved..I did not have to make a huge noise about it. Nor did I have to take to any course of law, as CINTAA had immediately solved it. As long as I got justice, I did not wish to make any noise about it. Yes, I did complete that short film after that. And I am happy about it.” Concludes  Sonam.

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