Sonnalli Seygall’s attempt at acroyoga is impressive to say the least

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Sonnalli Seygall’s attempt at acroyoga is impressive to say the least

In an industry obsessed with fit physiques and lean bodies, gyms become second homes to actors, but rarely do people try to find that balance of not just physical fitness but also the mental fitness, outside of it. However, Sonnalli Seygall does fall in that section of people.


As much as the actress sweats it out in the gym, she also focuses that much attention to yoga and meditation so as to connect with herself spiritually as well.

Sonnalli has been in the mountains of Rishikesh recently. From meditating on the shores of Ganga River to doing yoga beside it, Sonnalli made the most of the environment. And her latest video has given a glimpse of something new that the actress has tried her hands on.

Sonnalli is seen performing acroyoga with her fitness partner. For the unversed, acroyoga is a combination of acrobatics and yoga, and the ease that Sonnalli does it with is an exhibition of her physical strength.


The actress has portrayed the extent of her flexibility through the different poses that she does while balancing her core on her partner’s foot in the air. Seeing the video, at times, it seems like the actress is indeed flying.

But acroyoga is just one of the facets of the fitness journey that Sonnalli takes her followers on through her social media. There are several videos online of the actress performing yoga in all kinds of places and executing some difficult techniques like headstands, with grace and ease. Her gym videos are also a true motivator, and Sonnalli’s fitness journey is indeed one to watch out for.


I have always been a mountain girl so being in Rishikesh recently felt like home. There was so much calmness and serenity around that it motivated me to push my boundaries and try new things likes acroyoga and bungee jumping. Both these experiences were so thrilling that it gave me such an adrenaline rush and I can't wait to try them again.

Being into fitness, I always try to keep myself updated with new techniques of doing so and acroyoga was one such attempt and now I am hooked. I also connected to myself on a deeper level by just being there.

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