Sonu Chandrapal: People only care about themselves

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Sexy actress Sonu Chandrapal who is currently seen in Professor Pandey Ke Paanch Parivar says that while the world has moved to a better place where technological advancements are concerned, we have lost the value of relationships along the way. Now, people only value money, she says.

“Today, the value of personal relationships is lost because today many people are very ambitious, career oriented, money minded. They have become self-obsessed, self-centered, selfish. In today’s world, people only care about themselves first and then they care about others. Everything is measured by money, be it anything, any relationship, any emotion, whatever it may be. Even status matters a lot. So, every person is running after money, power, status. And, because of this, somewhere or the other, emotions, love, feelings are now dead inside human beings. Nowadays, we have become very practical in everything. And everyone’s vision has become even. Everyone is weighed in the same way, that’s why everyone’s perspective has also become the same. If a person is not that wealthy, no matter how good as a person he is, he is not respected, valued or given importance,” she says.

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In fact, even education has lost its precedence over wealth, says Sonu, adding, “There was a time when education was also given value, today even educated people have no value. No matter how educated you are, your qualification cannot get you a place, you cannot get all these things from someone, respect, love, which money can get. Someone with money may not be so qualified, even then people bow down to him. If you don’t have money and you are a well-educated, mannered, decent person, no one will look up to you. The importance of values or respect is no longer there. I think this is the reason why every relationship is fading away. There are boys who choose a girl who is from a well to-do family, rich or is earning well so that they don’t have to take responsibility for her. And girls choose boys who are rich so that they can live luxurious lives.  Every person’s selfishness is hidden behind everything. And same way relatives also, if they know that you’re earning well, doing well in your life, they maintain their relationship with you. But if you’re not doing well in your life, not capable, none of the relatives will invite you or maintain any relationship with you.”

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She says, “I have heard people complaining that girls always choose guys who earn well or who are rich. And boys always choose beautiful girls or the girls who will listen to him and whom the boys can dominate. But if we see, both are right at their place and wrong at the same time. Every person should look at themselves first and then expect anything from others.”