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Sony Max2 Remembers Bollywood’s Iconic Characters With The 4th Edition Of The ‘Timeless Digital Awards

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Sony MAX2 ‘Timeless Digital Awards’, India’s only popular digital awards, is back with its 4th season to delight audiences with characters of Indian Cinema that areiconic and unforgettable till date. ‘Legends KeYadgaarKirdhar’, being the theme of the new season, is an ode to the memorable and timeless characters from movies between the 50’s to the late 90’sthat captivated us with their unique personalities to make the movies the masterpieces that they are. Fans will get a chance to vote for their favourite icons – from the most loved male and female characters, best villains and best comic personality, the awards will commemorate the outstanding and everlasting characters that have remained ingrained in fans’ minds years after they hit screens. Launched in 2016, the digital awards have seen stupendous growth year on year. The first season saw almost fifty thousand votes which grew to a phenomenal four lakh voter base by the third season. With a new theme, the fourth year packs a punch with exciting categories and social media contests to keep participants entertained throughout the season.

To participate, viewers will have to login to the microsite via Facebook, Twitter or a verified Email ID. The digital awards will be conducted through a specially curated microsite giving fans a chance to vote across 4 larger categories – Best Character (Male), Best Character (female), Best Villain role, Best Comic character. Under each of these buckets, several actors have been chosen through a rigorous process of scrutiny and research for their iconic roles in their career. Voting lines will beopen to users from this weekupto the end of March 2020. The winners across all categories will be judged based on maximum user votes and will be honoured on a digital Wall of Fame across the channel’s social media pages. That is not all! Moving with today’s generation but keeping the essence of the yesteryears intact, Sony MAX2 will be engaging with audiences through a ‘Trivia Quest’ and an Instagram-led campaign called ‘Timeless Moments’ where users can send in pictures of legends from their own lives. All this as part of the channel’s 360-degree interactive format created especially for the fans.

Says Vaishali Sharma, Senior VP, Marketing & Communications, MAX2, “Sony MAX2 has always believed in celebrating the greatness and richness of Indian cinema. Timeless Digital Awards are an innovation and a step in that direction. Given the colossal success of the first three seasons, we thought it to be apt to launch Season 4 and celebrate the icons of Indian Cinema. From a Rahul to a Simran to a Mogambo, we have such memorable characters who have been part of our cinematic journey and this season, we want to pay tribute to these legends. Our intent is to create a platform where we engage, entertain and interact with our fans and followers off-screen. We look forward to our viewers participating and making it yet another successful year for the Timeless Digital Awards.”

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