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Sony SAB artists speak about Friendship Day



Hiba Nawab (Elaichi in JijajiChhat per Hain)

Friendship and family mean the world to me and the two are pretty much the same to me. I feel friendship is such a pure relationship and a special bond even though it is not a blood relationship. These people come into your life from nowhere and you feel connected to them and suddenly you are the closest of friends. Thus, on Friendship Day, I usually plan to go out with my friends to enjoy and have some lovely time. Every year we plan something different like going to a gaming zone, for dinner or for movie. I plan to do the same this year too, depending on my shoot schedule.

I want to convey a message to all my fans that never let go of your friends because of some stupid reason or fight. Be devoted towards your friends. According to my experiences, you get the double of what you give in a true friendship.

Siddharth Nigam (Aladdin in Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga)

I think Friendship Day is that day when you give your friends a little more respect and importance (laughs). Every Friendship Day, I first wish all my closest friends and we also religiously tie friendship bands to each other as we used to do when younger.Tarsh and Ravi are two of my closest friends and they have helped me a lot in my studies. It’s because of them that I have been able to pass, eventually supporting me in my acing career. This year, I plan to go out with my friends and have some fun time with them.

Also, my fans are some of my most amazing friends and I wish them a Happy Friendship Day too. I hope everyone gets the time to catch up with their friends and enjoy their time together, cherishing every moment.

AkshayKelkar (Abhishek in Bhakharwadi)

My friends are my family and are really special to me and thus, I celebrate Friendship Day every day. Although my family stays in Thane, I live in Goregaon with my friends, Ganesh, Rohit and Sadhna. These people are my lifeas they have been with me in every high and low and we have stayed with each other for a very long time. We have such a good bond and whenever we have time, we plan a trek or a trip somewhere near Mumbai. I also have some really good friends on the sets which includes people from the technical team, including spot dada and the director.

Although I don’t celebrate Friendship Day specially, I would like to do that his year. I plan to do something special for my mom, who truly is my best friend. She knows everything about me and my life.

Paras Arora (Guddu in Sony SAB’s BaavleUtaavle)

Friendship Day means a lot to me because I don’t have too many friends so, I love spending time with the ones I have. I feel relaxed with them as they become your secret diary at a lot of times. When we were kids, we would celebrate Friendship Days by tying special friendship bands to our special friends, distinct from others. However, now we try finding time to even meet our friends and when we do, we make sure to have the most amazing time by going out for bike rides around Mumbai as I love travelling.

This Friendship Day, my message to everyone is that don’t lose your friends as this is one relationship that you choose by yourself. So, treasure that friendship and celebrate it as it gives you the freedom of being yourself. Happy Friendship Day to everyone!

Nikhil Khurana(Pancham in JijajiChhat per Hain)

According to me, friendship means being able to ‘be yourself’ with your friend. It’s a sensitive relationship but a really beautiful one. As a teenager I used to celebrate Friendship Day by exchanging bands since it used to be a ritual amongst all kids. However, now we just try to find time together and go out for some good food. Since friends are a very important part of everyone’s life, I have an advice for all my fans, based on my experience: If you truly connect with someone, then understand them and don’t try and change things about them. Rather, help them evolve and improve.

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