Sony SAB’s Dhruv Tara: A story highlighting love across eras celebrates the completion of 100 episodes!

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Riya Sharma as Tara and Ishaan Dhawan as Dhruv from Sony SAB's Dhruv Tara

Sony SAB's unique romance drama Dhruv Tara has achieved a remarkable milestone with the completion of 100 episodes of the show. Dhruv Tara follows the endearing love story of Dhruv (played by Ishaan Dhawan) and Tara (played by Riya Sharma) from two different eras and has captivated audiences with its one-of-a-kind premise. The show brings to light exceptional performances by acclaimed artists like Yash Tonk as Uday Bhaan, Narayani Shashtri as Rani Kanupriya, and Krishna Bharadwaj as Mahaveer, who have left an indelible mark on the audience.

Sony SAB continues to win viewers' hearts, with good quality, differentiated content and Dhruv Tara stands as a testament to the channel's commitment to delivering exceptional entertainment for the entire family. The success of Dhruv Tara lies not only in its compelling love story but also in its well-crafted characters. The show has enthralled audiences, with an unseen romance, taking viewers on a rollercoaster journey through different eras.


Riya Sharma, who plays the character of Tara, said,

"Playing Tara has been a dream come true, and I am grateful to the viewers for their immense love and support. When we started our journey, Tara had time-travelled to the 21st century from the 17th century to find a cure for her brother's illness. I enjoyed portraying a character who was unfamiliar with everything around her—from the technology to the clothes—it was far beyond her imagination. Gradually, she adapted herself to these changes. Now, as Tara has returned to the 17th century as Rajkumari Tarapriya, I love portraying this side of her character as well. I feel privileged to be part of a show that celebrates the strength of love and transcends the boundaries of time."

Ishaan Dhawan, who plays the character of Dhruv, said,

"Reaching the milestone of 100 episodes is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team behind the show. Dhruv and Tara have established a beautiful connection that transcends time and circumstances. It's been an incredible journey portraying Dhruv, and the show has struck the right chord with the audiences. I am grateful to the viewers for their constant support and this journey will only keep getting better from here.”


Krishna Bharadwaj, who portrays the character of Mahaveer, said,

"Dhruv Tara explored the theme of time travel with a unique love story. As Mahaveer, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this beautiful narrative. It's a proud moment for all of us as the show completes 100 episodes, and I am grateful to the audience for embracing our characters and showering us with their love."

Narayani Shastri, who plays the character of Rani Kanupriya, said,

“Being part of Dhruv Tara has been an enriching experience. The show portrays the complexities of relationships and the power of love. I have treasured every moment working on the show and cherished the opportunity to work with such a remarkable team. Completing the milestone of 100 episodes is a significant achievement, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the viewers for their unwavering love and appreciation.”


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