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Sony Tv Actors Share Quotes On Father’s Day


Jyothi Venkatesh

Ashnoor Kaur who plays Mini in Sony Entertainment Television’s Patiala Babes 

Ashnoor Kaur with her father

More than a father, he is like a brother to me. We are best of friends and are really open to each other and that’s the reason, I am comfortable sharing everything with him. Out of all the beautiful moments that I have shared with my father, my favourite moment was hearing from him that the day I was born, he was so happy and elated that he hosted a huge celebration with close family and friends. Hearing this really made me feel special as at the time, when people used to be sad with the birth of a daughter in the house, my father break the norm and was the happiest father in the world! I feel that I am fortunate to have such an amazing father who has always supported me and has motivated me each day to be a better person. I look up to him and wish him all the happiness and great health, this father’s day.

Hunar Hale who plays Meeta in Sony Entertainment Television’s Patiala Babes

Father’s Day is very special day to me. Even though I know I shall never get to celebrate this day with him, I always celebrate him as one of the best dad in the world. Not having him around me still becomes hard for me to deal with as I keep that feeling locked deep down inside me until recently in Patiala Babes where my character cries on seeing her father after years. I  couldn’t help myself and I actually cried & cried missing my dad. It’s a blessing to have your father by your side and I’d tell everyone to cherish and take out time and not miss out any happy moment for I know I’ve missed many because of my work commitments. Happy Father’s Day To All!

Faisal Khan who plays Chandragupta Maurya in Sony Entertainment Television’s Chandragupta Maurya 

Faisal Khan with his father 2_compressed

My father has been my biggest pillar of support in my life and is one person I have looked up to for everything. Coming from a middle class family, I never felt deprived of anything as my father always fulfilled my needs and never let me feel otherwise. My dad has always has been a provider and the back-bone of our family. He has left no stone unturned to bring smiles on his kids’ faces and has always succeeded. I still remember the days when he used to drive a rickshaw to earn for our family and now he does it for fun. It makes me so happy that my father is proud of me and it is because of his hard work and support that I have reached where I am today.

Sneha Wagh who plays Mura in Sony Entertainment Television’s Chandragupta Maurya 

My Father is a very humble and simple man. He passed the same traits to me for which I am very thankful to him. When I entered into this industry and people started recognizing me, he always suggested me to stay grounded and humble with everyone and never forget the hurdles that I have faced and how I started my journey.

Aditi Sanwal who plays Dhurdhara in Sony Entertainment Television’s Chandragupta Maurya 

Fathers are a source of constant inspiration and they are “the person” to fall back on. My father has made a name for himself not only as a doctor, but also as a humanitarian. Never have I ever seen him show that he is low, or “not ok”. Whatever may have been the circumstance, he has always emerged as the strongest person ever. He is the unsung hero of my life and continues to be so. On this father’s day, I can’t be with him, as I am shooting but, I really want to give a big shout out and a big big thank you to him for always being there. I love you Papa!

Mudit who plays Yogi in Sony Entertainment Television’s Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein

Mudit Nayar with his father_compressed

To pick one best memory is an extremely difficult task but I can think of one which qualifies. I had just completed my graduation and kind of joined my father’s Business. One fine morning, he woke up came up to me and said, “Why don’t you go to Mumbai to try your luck in acting, business and all is fine. You go and try and become a hero”. So it was him who pushed me to try my luck in Mumbai and whenever I get a part or he sees me performing he is the happiest. Often, he would send me self-shot videos from his phone instructing me certain nuances I should add in my acting style. So yes, he is the cutest and this is one of the best memories I can remember. I am grateful for everything small or big that he’s done for me.”

Sheetal Maulik who plays Sejal in Sony Entertainment Television’s Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 

Fathers always play a very important role in the family but on the other hand, they remain the unsung heroes. A Father is no less than a Hero and I could say that I haven’t seen much of my father at home because he was busy working hard for us. Coming from a middle-class family, everyone expects their daughter to be a doctor or an engineer but my father gave me the greatest gift in life. He believed in me. At times, I failed and at others, I achieved my goals but he has always supported me. I still remember the day when I came first in Bharatnatyam competition, I was just 8 years old. He told me that I had done a good job but because someone better than me was not a part of the competition so maybe I won. He has always taught me to be grounded and be honest in whatever little thing I do. His blessing never stopped even after my baby was born, he still stays with me and meets my mom only on weekends all these sacrifices may seem very little but it has made me what I am today; independent, confident and much more. My father considers me as his son. I love my father, he is my first hero and will always be.

Malkhan Singh as Lord Shiva in Sony Entertainment Television’s Vighnaharta Ganesh 

Malkhan Singh with his father_compressed

My father is the most valued person in my life and I consider him as my God. He has always been by my side whenever I have needed him. I believe, blessed are all who have their father by their side in their lives and I am one of them. I consider my life as a movie which starts with him and ends with him. To celebrate this father’s day, I’ll spend the entire day with him and will surprise him with a day-out together where we will first watch a movie and then go out for dinner.”

Bijal Joshi who plays Bindu in Sony Entertainment Television’s Ladies Special

Bijal Joshi_compressed

I have a very special bond with my father. I have always enjoyed learning playing various outdoor and indoor games like Chess, Cricket and Carrom with him. He never thought that I could not do something because I am a girl. He has supported me so well that today living alone, I am confident and independent. I think every day is father’s day. This year also like every year I’ll make Gajar ka Halwa for him and if I’m not shooting I am definitely planning to spend my entire day with him.

Jia Mustafa who plays Kangna in Sony Entertainment Television’s Ladies Special 

jia Mustafa

I think all girls have a special bond with their fathers. Same way, I am also very attached to my dad. There are many fond memories from our childhood that we cherish. Like, he used to become a Sunday chef and cook for all of us. This day in case I get a day off from shoot and the weather is great me and my brother are planning to drive down to Lonavala and spend entire day with him. Nowadays, because of the hectic schedule and fast life, we don’t get spend time together. So, I don’t want to miss this chance to be with him the whole day.

Super Dancer Chapter 3 contestant Rupsa Batabyal 


The first thing I want to do after Super Dancer Chapter 3 ends are going and hug my dad because I haven’t him properly for the past few months. for the show as I am in Mumbai, my mom takes care of me as both my father and mother. My dad and my entire family have supported me in every step when it comes to fulfilling my dreams. This father’s day I want to take back Super Dancer Chapter 3 trophy for him as a father’s day gift.

Super Dancer Chapter 3 contestant Gourav Sarwan

Gourav Sarwan My father has always been with me through every thick and thin. He is my bro. During my entire Super Dancer Chapter 3 journey, I have stayed with my father. He has been both my mother and father in the past few months. Right from getting up early in the morning to feeding me he looks after every activity. As he always tries to imitate different popular characters on the show this father’s day I am planning to fit in his shoes and help him throughout the day. In the upcoming episode of the show, I will be seen performing on the stage with my dad.

Super Dancer Chapter 3 contestant Tejas Verma

Tejas Verma I enjoy playing pranks with my friends. I do it most often with the contestants of Super Dancer Chapter 3. I even play a prank with my dad which creates a different level of bonding between us. I even learn pranks from my him. He keeps on teaching me how he used to do a prank on his friends during childhood. This father’s day I am planning to surprise him by visiting him and spending a day with him.

Super Dancer Chapter 3 contestant Saksham Sharma 

Saksham Sharma

I am very close to both my father and my mother. I am even the most pampered child in my house. During the entire Super Dancer Chapter 3 journey, my mother has always been my side in every step. But when I see the co-contestants father coming on the show watching them perform I also wish the same. I hope to celebrate this father’s day on the show with my dad being by my side.”

Super Dancer Chapter 3 contestant Jaishree Gogoi 

Jaishree Gogoi

Everyone says that I look like my dad. This is the reason I always look upon him as my idol. He is the biggest inspiration for me who motivates me to be patient and stay calm in every situation. At times I get tired of hectic dance routine schedules but when I talk to him I get relaxed and love to sleep in his arms. This father’s day I want to just thank him for always being there for me. ”

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