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“Sorry No Skin Show For Me Please” Says Priyamvada Singh

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Priyamvada Singh is currently seen in television’s popular show ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ which has been well received by the audience and is entertaining the viewers in the current time. The actress is known for her stellar performance in the film ‘GoneKesh’ which has been well received by the audience and has also been out for many film festivals. Later Priyamvada entered a popular TV drama ‘Nazar’ which has been known for its fiction and she made her mark with her uniqueness in the show. The actress is all set to entertain the viewers once again by being a part of a TV show ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ where she is playing one of the pivotal roles in the family.

Priyamvada Singh

Tell us something unique about your character in Shaadi Mubarak?
The character that I am playing is of ‘Sneha Tibrewal’ who is very loving and a caring one. Her bonding with her Jethani (Sister-in-law) is amazing. They are like sisters which is difficult to find in today’s time. Sneha loves her family unconditionally and her family, which is a joint family, sets an example of how love and concern for each other should be there in all families. They are full of life people who believe in taking every minute in their hands and not missing a chance to enjoy the moment. There are scenes of dancing, singing and supporting each other in all kinds of situations at the same time Sneha is also very protective of her family.

If you can tell us about how you bagged this show since work has been happening from home
I am grateful to the producers of this show Shashi Mittal Ma’am and Sumeet Mittal Sir, for giving me this opportunity. The casting director Adityoa Suranna called me and briefed me about the character and I was asked to send an audition video from home as this is how we are working these days. Surprisingly just in a few days, I was finalised for this character and we started the shoot.

What inspired you to be an actress?
I was born in a Jat family of U.P with a sports background and my father is an international level wrestler and a Professor of physical education. So I imbibed these traits from him and became a national player of Hockey and Badminton and my mother is a very good singer and a dancer so I inherited these qualities from her as well. During my formative years, I had participated in a lot of theatrical activities and I realised I am quite good, but then thought of making a career in higher education and I started teaching in an engineering college. I was using my acting abilities in my classroom teaching  and was well appreciated by my students for the same which inspired me to take up acting. Almost four years back I decided that I just want to act, so I landed up in Mumbai with all my dreams of working in films and Television and here I am today.

Web space has been speeding up where there is no restriction be it bold or the content being unique. Would you be okay to be a part of a show that has intimate scenes required?
Web Shows and films are liked and appreciated by all for their unique concept and treatment, but I will not be comfortable doing anything which I can not watch with my family without having any offence to the bold content. So I am open to all kinds of roles and characters where I can contribute my best as a performer without skin show or intimate scenes and be able to entertain the audience.
Priyamvada Singh
Which was the web show that you really liked recently and why?
I am in love with this American Drama Series ‘Breaking Bad’ and have just finished Masaba Masaba which has been outstanding in entertaining us. I loved the performances of Neena Guptaji and Masaba Gupta and am looking forward to watching them together often.

Whom do you look upto as an actor?
Bryan Cranston is an amazing performer and I loved his character portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad and talking about an Indian actress it would be Srideviji somebody I am mad about and she is my all-time favourite.

If you can share how do you guys keep the fun momentum going on the set?
As an actor, you always feel great when you are on the sets, and the fun is doubled when you have a bunch of some wonderful co-actors. Not only on screen but also in real life we all are like one family who shares a great bond, cracking jokes, narrating stories and this chemistry always helps us to perform scenes better as a family.

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