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Soundarya Sharma Was An Elite Guest For Laying Of The Foundation Stone For A State-Of-The-Art Metro Bhavan By Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Soundarya Sharma was one of the few from Bollywood in the elite guest list, recently for the inauguration of the state-of-the-art metro coach, the first metro coach under Make in India and laying of the foundation stone for a state-of-the-art Metro Bhavan by our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.  Soundarya has been a very responsible citizen and she has been going out of her way to help in whichever manner she can. Recently the actress skipped the event to help an injured cyclist. And then once again the actress has shown her human side by helping an elderly couple, the actress decided to help them not just by sponsoring the insurance premium, rather enhancing it to cover general medication as well for a year.

” I am very delighted to be invited for the inauguration and was happy to attend the same and hear from our honored Prime minister” She further stated that recently our PM expressed his vision that New India does not have place for corruption and Nepotism and I would want to a part of his vision !! We as citizens first, should go out of our ways to do our best to serve the country.Recently also hear that she was a victim to Nepotism and dynasty. However, when we asked her about it, she responded that how long can they be corrupt to themselves, someday they will have work for the people and bring back the glory!

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