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Sparsh Sharma Likes To Do Challenging Roles Like In Batallion 609


Jyothi Venkatesh

His name was christened by his parents as Sparsh because his parents who had an arranged marriage were impressed by Naseeruddin Shah’s performance in the film Sparsh and decided to name their first born kid as Sparsh. After being part of TV serials like Kahani Chandrakanta and episodic serials like CID, Crime Patrol and Saavdhaan India, Sparsh Sharma decided to try his hand at acing in films and made his debut with Fugly  four years ago, and also followed it up with yet another film

called Golu Aur Pappu, though technically his first film was The Lucky 13 which unfortunately for him failed to take off after 80% of the film had been canned with all newcomers. Now he is all set to impress the audiences with his performance as Captain Jaspal Singh aka Jassi in one of the leads in Battalion 609 in which he has been teamed romantically opposite Farnaz Shetty. By the way, this year’s Bigg Boss crown winner Dipika Samson‘s husband actor Shoaib Ibrahim has been pitted in the same film opposite Elena Kazan. Brijesh Batkunath Tripathi is making his debut as a director with the film which is an intense and explosive war drama on the lines of films like Border and LOC. It is Spash Sharam’s dream to become a director in the future after proving his prowess as an actor in films as well as web series.

In fact Sparsh has also written the subject of a film called Kaarsganj, with which he wants to go on the floors shortly with Veer Narayan, associate of S S Rajamouli as the director. His favorite actors are Balraj Sahani and Dilip Kumar in India and Daniel. D Lewis in Hollywood. Sparsh feels that Prashant Narayanan and Kay Kay Menon are two brilliant actors who have been underrated by the film industry as well as the critics who matter in India. When asked how he bagged the meaty role in Batalion 609, Sparsh says with glee that he was luckily in the same vicinity where the audition of the actors was taking place and he happened to meet actor Karim Haaji, who suggested that he try his hand at acting in Battalion 609 by auditioning for the film. “I gave my audition and was told two days later to come and appear for look test and after that I was given on a silver platter the meatiest role in the film” signs off Sparsh.

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