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Special Dusshera nostalgia feature

This Dusshera, TV actors share their memories of Dusshera and what it means to have good winning over evil with JYOTHI VENKATESH.
Ayush Anand: 
My fondest memories of Dusshera is going to the fair with my family to see the Ravan burning ceremony and then coming back and witnessing the same in my colony’s park. One evil I would like to remove from society is hatred towards one another in terms of caste/Creed/religion/colour/status because I feel if we stand united as one country then there is no stopping.
Romit Raj:
My fondest memories of Dusshera is going to see Raavan being burnt. You see kids, all happy, clapping believing that Lord Ram has won over evil and now it’s time to celebrate. The most evil thing is disrespectful towards women, sexually exploiting women and I feel strict action should be taken against it… This sexual harassment is so common unfortunately because men think they can get away with it…Laws should be so strict and quick in settling case that in a week the man if the guilty should be punished in public.
Sneha Wagh:
Dusshera in childhood was going to meet friends and family with bauhinia leaves (aptyache paan). Being a typical Marathi family, this would happen every year.  There’s not one evil that should be removed. There are many to name. But the biggest is inequality in every term should be eradicated. Along with intolerance.
Saurabh Pandey: 
I always pray for being humble and always remember that we all rise from the soil and go back to the soil. There is no one bigger or smaller. I always pray to God to give me wisdom that I keep my ego at bay. Also with the story of Ravan, we all learn that no matter how rich or good you are, if you allow your ego to take over you then you are as good as dead.  My fondest memory of Dusshera is when I was 6 years and we were invited to the big Raamleela ground in Naraina, Delhi to attend the Dussehra Celebration where the last chapter of Ravan dying is enacted and followed by the climax ie burning of all 3 big 120foot dummy of Ravan, Kumbkaran and Meghnath set to fire with loud crackers and cheer of slogan “Jai Shree Ram”
Shivin Narang:
In Delhi, I used to get pocket money to buy crackers. I used to go in the truck with other children to a big ground and enjoy Ramleela especially burning the Ravan Putla. With my neighbour kids, we used to make Chota Ravan using paper and scrap material. In Delhi, we used to eat sweets too and Dusshera used to be fantastic as after Navratri fasting one can eat everything. I used to go to the temple too. Parents used to buy new clothes.
Vivian Dsena: 
In Bhopal, we used to go to Ramleela Maidan in a group. The tale of Ram Leela always used to make me curious about Ram and Ravan. In textbooks also I had read and it was always inspiring to know the victory of good over evil. Dusshera holidays were like a lot of fun and enjoyment eat a lot of Ghar ka khana and play around. I still feel like a child when I see Ramleela happening in Mumbai. Our history is rich in culture and real stories. Ram Ravan story appeals to every child.
Ssharad Malhotra:
Dussehra means festivities and celebrations, the weather is also pleasant. The best memory of the day is when I played Ram in school and I got a standing applaud for my performance. I feel nostalgic when I think about it.
Shashank Vyas: 
Ujjain is a colourful city in terms of festivals. Ramleela happens a lot in Ujjain and I have seen it a couple of times. The feeling of victory of good over evil is the essence of life which one is reminded of every Dusshera.
Aniruddh Dave:
In Jaipur, Dusshera is big and people dress up in new clothes. I have been theatre actor so Ramleela has always intrigued me as an actor. Dusshera is not just a festival it reflects the philosophy of life.
Vahbiz Dorabjee: 
Dusshera symbolises the conquest of good over evil.  It’s so good to have a family together on this auspicious day.  Any Dusshera celebration is incomplete without a visit to a mela. You not only find desi versions of fun rides like the Ferris Wheel and the Merry-Go-Round but loads of street food and mithai in every nook and corner of the ground.
Arjun Bijlani: 
Dusshera for everyone is a victory of good over evil. I remember my childhood days playing with ‘Dhanush baan’ and ‘gada’ toys, Ravan masks and considering yourself no less than the Ramayan characters, Ram, Ravan and Hanuman.
Ruslaan Sayed: 
I love Dusshera as it makes me so nostalgic. As a child, I used to love going to see Ravan burning. We used to eat yummy sweets later. Dusshera has come at an appropriate time this year with so many women talking about evil being inflicted on them. They will all have victories.
Dusshera reminds me of Ram Leela and Ravan burning. As a child, I used to make my own Ravan and burn it with my colony friends. It used to be amazing. Good will always win over evil and Dusshera signifies this.
Neelu Kohli: 
I love it when Dusshera comes. As a child, I used to go to see Ravan burning. We would eat so many goodies. It would be amazing.

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