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Spiritual Healer Amiben Modi Says A Full Moon Is The Intimate Sign Of Love


Jyothi Venkatesh

Spiritual healer Amiben Modi shares some wisdom on the significance of the full moon in April. She says, “In the month of April, the moon carries a pinkish tint due to the particles of sun, this is also compared to the flower pink moss. Overall, the moon appears very beautiful and emits a feeling of love compassion and enigma.”In fact, the moon really affects how we feel as well, she says. “Moon impacts the tides of the sea, it has a gravitational pull. Similarly, our body is made of 75% fluids and it is believed, but not proven, that during a full moon, our body fluids are also pulled due to the gravity. That causes different reactions in human bodies like that of happiness, sadness, agitation, increased emotions etc,” she adds. She adds, “Full moon impacts the tides and is believed to create tides in human body fluids, leading to enhanced emotions be it positive or negative. Whatever you’re feeling is intensified, although this is just a theory.” Ask her what should be done on a full moon night, and she says, “Full moon is a sign of love, it is a sign of completeness. If your relationship is incomplete, you should offer raw milk to the moon at around 9:15. Once the milk soaks the moonlight, the family members should consume it. Another tip is to wear silver on a full moon day, it will give you internal peace. On this day, you can also ask the full moon to complete anything missing in your relationships as a full moon is the intimate sign of love!”

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