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Srk Is Shashank Vyas’s Inspiration


Jyothi Venkatesh

A well-chiselled body is not enough to get a break in Bollywood, says actor Shashank Vyas. In fact, he adds that his drool-worthy abs have nothing to do with the fact that he wants to act in films. “I didn’t develop my six pack abs to try my luck in Bollywood. I had a year when I was free and so I dedicated myself to working out. Apart from that, there’s no connection between six-pack abs and getting a role in a film, it’s all on your acting skills. It’s all about how you perform and give your 100 percent,” he says.While films are important to him, the actor says that they are not his primary focus. “The amount of energy I put in playing a character on television will be the same energy that I will put in a Bollywood role. It’s not that I am saving some energy or craft for the 75 mm screen. I don’t want to. I don’t have the time to stress on what medium it is, I don’t care if it’s a web series, television, or films. Whatever I am today is because of television, people know me because of my shows and my craft and people talk to me because I am a television actor, it’s my bread and butter.   I respect television and frankly TV is one medium which every Bollywood actor tends to associate themselves with be it film promotion, participating in reality show, becoming judge in reality show or ads on TV so TV can’t be ignored forget being looked down upon. Having said that I do want to do films especially because wide variety of content is being made and there is scope for TV actors. TV is one  medium which enables you to work  and deliver quality under pressure”.Meanwhile, he plans on taking a break very soon to rejuvenate. “Depends on from personality to personality but I feel like a break is a must in an actor’s life. I need time to be with myself since it’s been a year of hectic schedules,” says Shashank, adding, “I have just returned from Jakarta. I want to travel and meet relatives who I haven’t met since ages now.”  Shashank considers SRK his all time inspiration. He says, ” Dreamer, Believer and Achiever these three words describe SRK and that’s the reason I believe him. One has to believe in dreams and work hard to achieve it. SRK is my inspiration. He is one actor who takes risks and lives life on his own terms and has a go getter attitude. His confidence and aura is amazing. SRK did TV and made it big in Bollywood and his life journey is amazing. His films like DDLJ, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, Kal Ho Na Ho are the films one can watch again and again and yet not get bored.Shashank on being asked about some TV actors having bigger fan following than film stars he says, “TV is something which is available to you on the press of a button in the comfort of your home. There are villages where TV is the only source of entertainment still. Even in metro’s lot of people just don’t go out to watch films rather watch films online or watch TV programs. My fan following has increased with each show.”Fans motivate you to give your best performance. Their constant feedback, love and affection is important. Fan’s keep sending expensive gifts including jackets, shoes, watches and what not. I request my fans not to send expensive gifts as I feel that their love and affection are enough for me,”he signs off.

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