SRK -Like any other father has given the right education to all his kids….Must read- By Lipika Verma

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SRK -Like any other father has given the right education to all his kids….Must read- By Lipika Verma

Shahrukh Khan celebrating Eid with the media in July, 2016 had spoken about all 3 kids…Aryan, Suhana and AbRam…stardom and his relationship with the other Khans.


Shahrukh Khan- I would not know if Aryan wants to follow my footsteps –Being an actor. But as of now he is following in my footsteps of being educated and that’s important.”

Shahrukh explains the importance of –Festivals, Education, love for kids and being the destiny child. And more interactions were done in-July, 2016.

As usual Shahrukh Khan treated the media with delicious biryani and many more delicacies.

Shahrukh and Abram appeared first to wave hands to the crowd waiting impatiently to have a glimpse of their favourite star none other than, “King Khan.

Undeniably, the crowd turned berserk on seeing both papa –SRK and AbRam together –saluting as well sending flying kisses to them.


Here we would like to reveal the secret about the cute little Abram who brought Papa King Khan outside much before than expected-“I was a little tired as we had slept a little late.

I was to meet the media so I thought I would get up after some time during brunch time.

Surprisingly the excited AbRam who could hear the yelling of the fans into the room, took a quick shower ,dressed in white kurta and pyjamas banged into my room and woke me up saying,” Papa get up –The bachchas have come!!”


Expressing the meaning of festivals SRK says,'' We have grown celebrating festivals and this day brings all of us together especially we get some time with our families to be together .

We should be a proud Indian because here in India we get to celebrate lot many festivals -Diwali, Eid Christmas Holi ,Rakhi and Bhai duj and more.

Festivals have not lost their meaning. For years they are meant to bring people together. And it’s still the same now.

Everyone has their rituals and performs accordingly during these festivals. Hum sab ko ek chutti ka din mil jata hai. We should all celebrate all the festivals keeping a “Brotherhood” feeling.


Turning nostalgic he adds,” I had lost my parents at an early age .I remember as Eidi my grand mom would give a small amount of rs11/-.We would wear white clothes, relish good food and enjoy being with friends and family members.”

Shahrukh too loves all his three kids Aryan Suhana and AbRam like any other parents do.

“Yes like any and every other parent, I too love all my three kids equally. Having said that, all my three children - Aryan, Suhana and AbRam give me something special and therefore they are all special to me.”


With AbRam-“ I may say how my life has changed? “I have more toys to play with after AbRam came into my life. I can buy more toys in his name. Like a few cycles, cars and some huge animals and feel like I own all those toys for myself that's special to me thus.

Further smilingly he quips,” I have a cool dude, I have a pretty lady< Suhana> and I have a little gangster. I have them all, I am very lucky.”

About the difference between him and son-Aryan SRK adds, “I am the King Khan that is the difference between me and him


About Aryan he says,” I want all my children to be at least a graduate and Aryan is also educating himself.

I would not know if he wants to follow my footsteps –Being an actor. But as of now he is following in my footsteps of being educated and that’s important. Whatever profession he would choose, we as a family will always stand by him. “

About all the, Khans” Being Destiny Child'' what SRK would say -“We respect each other a lot that is why we are where we are.

We have stood by each other for almost 25 years now, there is nothing left but to respect each other. We are all destinies’ children.

Shahrukh Khan

That doesn’t mean we are special. We have worked hard for it and it has paid off. Having said that, I wish in future too there should be a few more Destiny Children who can excel in every manner and be able to enjoy life.

However, to achieve this I always tell the youth that they should at least finish their gradualtion.

Education helps all of us to be able to make the right decision. They should work hard for whichever profession they may choose.” he concluded

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