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Ssharad Malhotra celebrated Makar Sakranti on the set of Muskaan with under-priviledged children


Ssharad Malhotra who is seen as the male lead in Muskaan celebrated Makar Sakranti on the set when bunch of under-priviledged children. Ssharad always supports good causes and takes out time to do his bit.  He says, “

The energy and enthusiasm are at its peak when it comes to Makar Sankranti. The festival has always been about flying kites and celebrating with family and friends. Waiting for the right time and the right air for flying kite is so exciting. I also enjoy eating fini and chikki in Sankranti in Kolkata. But since the show is on air I can’t go to my hometown Kolkata. Kolkata looks colorful with kites in the sky and the perfect weather and I am missing it”. Ssharad is one guy who is popular among people of all age groups!



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