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Star Gold Collaborates With Rajkummar Rao To Explore A New Career For Him As A Teleshopping Host In 2020!


Jyothi Venkatesh 

With every new movie, production houses and TV broadcast partners are becoming increasingly adventurous and quirky with their ideas to promote the film. Even the actors themselves are very invested in the process, wanting to give their fans a glimpse of the film and entice them into watching it.

Star Gold has constantly aimed at providing the films that it premieres the opportunity to connect and bring fans closer to the theme of the movie. To bring alive one such moment, the channel created two exciting videos (links at the end) with the stars of the blockbuster film Made in China – Rajkummar Rao, Mouni Roy and Boman Irani ahead of its TV premiere on 11th January at 8pm on Star Gold.

The first video features Rajkummar reviving the film’s protagonist Raghu but this time as a teleshopping host persuading his viewers to switch to eating emu eggs!  Playing his part perfectly, the right mix of ingratiating yet very convincing, he encapsulates the health benefits of this switch in hopes that people would shift their consumption habits. Boman Irani portrays the quirky scientist who discovered the benefits of emu eggs and Mouni Roy is shown throwing the existing eggs away and replacing them with emu eggs.

The second snackable shows Mouni and Rajkumar teaching viewers how to use chopsticks to eat things that one would not usually use chopsticks for… like popcorn and chips! It is quirky and funny and successfully piques people’s interest to actually watch the movie.

“Made In China was a story that I fell in love with, the adaptation from word to screen is one that really moved me. The wacky, darkly comical, soul-stirring and unusual entrepreneurial journey of an earnest man with a relentless spirit for business in the film is what I feel will appeal to large part of the audience and hence am glad that Star Gold has helped create these snackables. The role I play as a teleshopping host is a lot like Raghu in the film itself and hence provides the audience the perfect glimpse of what’s in store for them.” said lead actor Rajkummar Rao.

“The snackables are a perfect prelude for a story like “Made in China” as the movie propels audiences to just sit back and laugh through this comic escapade. At Star Gold, it is our endeavor to premiere latest content for our viewers in the shortest possible time. We have always put entertaining our audience at the center of everything we do and working on the snackables for ‘Made in China’ with the cast of the film was a delightful experience.  We hope that our viewers will equally enjoy watching the film”, said Spokesperson, Star India.

Catch the TV premiere of the blockbuster, Made in China on Saturday 11th January at 8:00PM on Star Gold.

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