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StarPlus’ KarnSangini explores the unseen side of Arjun!


Presenting the never explored facet of epic war saga Mahabharat, StarPlus’ upcoming mytho-romance, KarnSangini, unravels the unheard love story/ triangle of Karn, Uruvi and Arjun.  Set against the backdrop of Mahabharat, a classic narrative of kurukshetra war, KarnSangini is a fictional story inspired by Kavita Kane’s famous book Karna’s Wife: The Outcast’s Queen. It is the untold tale of Karn and his Sangini, Uruvi and showcases love story that transcends all class & social barriers!

Arjun, established in the history as a great warrior and the most eligible bachelor/ desirable male of that era, will be shown beyond as a lover in the show. Bringing forth young Arjun’s love for Princess Uruvi, viewers will witness an interesting aspect of his personality!

Depicting the unexplored emotions of one of its central characters, the charming actor Kinshuk Vaidya, will be portraying the romantic persona of young Arjun. Given that his character is a far cry from his previous attempts, he is thrilled to portray the warrior prince, who is known for his valour, strength and invincible archery skills in a completely new light. In a bid to do justice to this challenging role, he is going an extra mile and putting in considerable efforts and time to lend it the required authenticity.

StarPlus’ upcoming magnum opus KarnSangini, boasts of an array of incredible talents roped in to play the various characters in a never seen before avatar!

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