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Subuhi Joshi Says That There Was A Phase When She Lost All Her Confidence After Putting On Weight 


Jyothi Venkatesh

For actors, how they look is very important. Putting on weight can be quite traumatic for an actor, says Subuhi Joshi. She says that there was a phase during her career when, after gaining weight, she didn’t even want to step out. “There was a phase when I totally lost my confidence. I stopped going out, stopped auditioning, stopped meeting people. It was a horrible time. But then I realized it’s not a sin to put on weight. I realised that it was not like I had committed a crime. It’s just at times when people say certain things to you about your appearance you take it on your heart and mind. They don’t understand that while they’re posting stupid comments on your social media about your appearance, someone is getting tortured. I feel that this should be avoided.”

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