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Subuhi Joshi’s Latest Insta Post Is Sure To Take You Back To Your Childhood!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Subuhi Joshi’s recent Instagram post is sure to make you nostalgic of your childhood days. We all remember binging on Fun Flips and Natkhat! Well, that is what her post is about! She posted a picture of herself with multiple packets of these goodies and captioned it as, “Verified You know what is this? It’s pure happiness. Nope, I’m not the one who needs materialistic things to be happy, never been like that, these little things are enough for me. When I was a little kid I used to get 10 rupees every day to buy “CHIJJI“, which apparently meant snacks like chips or chocolates. I was so fond of fun flips and natkhat (if you’re a 90’s baby, you definitely know what are these) I used to eat them almost every day. Today after years when a friend got me these I was overwhelmed and couldn’t stop myself from posting this picture. I am someone who is satisfied and very happy with the little things in life; Do not portray/assume me as someone I’ve never been just to make your own-self feel better or just because you heard some lying ass talk rubbish. I know what I am, and honestly, I’m quite proud of it. #nostalgia #littlethingsmatter #unapologeticallyme #90sbaby.” Well! All we can say is that that is one yummy post!

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