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Sudhanshu Pandey And Ravi Dubey Lend Their Support To Time Donation Camp’ Of Moodcafe


Jyothi Venkatesh

Moodcafe, a digital mental health and wellness App &platform, launched by alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Roorkee Moodcafe, and IIT Roorkee, organized its second edition of ‘Time Donation Camp’ in Mumbai. The platform is the first of its kind in India, which seeks to inspire a social change by talking about mental health and wellness issues; as well as using the power of sharing and listening to improve wellness. The second edition was attended by more than 200 people and showcased panel discussions from participants across the broad social spectrum. This comprised of entertainment professionals, academicians, doctors and corporate leaders – together on a platform – discussing wide range of issues and experiences around mental health.

Commenting on the occasion, Ravi Dubey, “It is great to see platform like ‘Moodcafe’ trying to breakdown the stigma. Now movies & Shows also addresses mental health issues. They’re so important because a lot of artists also deal with it and we should speak about all of our stories, it does make a difference” Sudhanshu Pandey, “I can understand why people don’t talk about depression& mental health in general because we as a society has never been so supportive and comfortable talkingabout it. We must make people around us comfortable enough and tell them that it is okay to feel this way”.

Commenting on the occasion, Mikul Patel, founder and CEO, Moodcafe, said, “There always has to be some person in your life that you can say that you are not okay and if not, ‘Moodcafe’ app is a space to express your emotions and feel better. Because sometimes the worst place you can be at is in your own head.Progress of life is debilitating human interactions and making people feel lonelier. In depression we damage our self permanently for our temporary emotions” Mikul also added “At the event, participants were given a safe space to share about anything that bothered them to the “listeners” who donated their time to listen to the sharers’ problems. The listeners were given special guidelines by the Moodcafe team. There were several influencers who attended the event and shared their opinions and their understanding of this concept.

Mitanshi Shah, Psychologist, Moodcafe, said, “For a healthy mind, sharing and expressing your emotions, feelings, and thoughts is the very first step one can take. Similarly, it is equally important to just be there and listen to someone when they are feeling ”not okay”! Considering this, we organized the Time Donation Camp to help people talk about it more”.

Alongside the sharing and listening activity, the event also included two separate panel discussions on mental health related topics. Other than Actor Sudhanshu Pandey& Ravi Dubey;various other social media influencers and celebrities like Dr. Manan Thakrar – Psychiatrist, RJ Meera Damji and Comedian Shankar Chugani, to name a few, shared their views on mental health and stigma associated with it. Moodcafe organized the first ever “TIME DONATION CAMP” in Ahmedabad, where people  shared their emotions and concerns, or volunteered to become listeners and donated 45 minutes of theirs to be available to hear someone out. The event, on the theme “Problem Shared is Problem Halved”, got a huge turnout.

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