Suhagan actor Aditya Deshmukh: I am called Chirag of the Kapoor family

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Tell your experience, which you have done in your first shows and this show?

Answer - This is my first show with Rashmi Production so I quickly said yes as I wanted to gain experience and Vishal Sharma the man casting people called me and asked me to audition for the role of Vikram Shukla. I wanted someone who has cuteness and can handle this character well, so they auditioned me and finally locked me and this role is a bit different from my previous roles. My Fazzie The character was an army role, the character of Lag Ja Gale that was in Bobby Kar Ke, so my character this one is different from all of them.

I will not say that Vikram is completely negative, he is a good person but he comes in the words of his wife because Vikram's wife keeps whispering something in his ears all the time that he has to occupy this house under any circumstances. Somewhere Vikram is a little jealous of his younger brother Raghav Thakur, who is playing the role of Krishna because he feels that I am not getting credit for the money I am earning and the business I am doing.

Yes, Krishna takes all the credit, though their father hates both of them and both children also hate their father, but still, Vikram is not a bad person, he has love for his brother, and he He wants all that he has not got, and Krishna is getting all that, so he is jealous.

Raghav Thakur

You have done such a character for the first time, so did you face any problems?

Answer - It really took me time to do this character, if I talk about the previous show when I was playing the character of Faizi, I used to say this line everywhere, my director Amit Malik, who directed our show, He always used to say that in the first 15 or 10 episodes, it will take some time to get hold of the actor because we were doing an army show for the first time. Although he had done a show called Arjun, it was not difficult for him. There were many shades of my character, he was a flirt, he was a lover boy, he was a love guru, he was a patriot, and so all these components were in one. Was in the same character.

Directors don't say that there will be trouble in the beginning, we are here to guide, I love it when you are pampered or supported on the set, I don't like any director being angry, I will not be able to give work there, and I also get encouraged when the director supports me so that I can give good work.


You have also worked with many legends, so what would you say?

Answer - It is my good fortune that I got to work with such big personalities, once I have worked with Rishi Kapoor, once with Shami Kapoor, I am called the lamp of the Kapoor family. I blush when I am compared with the Kapoors.


With whom is your bond the most in the show?

Answer - My bond is with everyone but yes it is more with Raghav because me and Raghav are in the same room, we laugh a lot, jokes a lot that is one thing that I like about Raghav I believe that he works very hard to understand his character. My wife is very hardworking and a very good actor in this, she will go a long way.


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