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Sumeet Vyas offers His Piece of Mind To People

Sumeet Vyas's stand over Controversy on Swara's masturbation Scene


Veere Di Wedding has taken the box office by a storm. But that does not mean critiques have spared the movie. There has been a lot of buzz over Swara’s masturbation scene.Previously her mother Ira Bhasker came to her rescue and now Sumeet Vyas has a little piece of his mind to offer to people.

Sumeet plays the role of Kareena Kapoor fiance in the film. Talking about the controverst regarding Swara’s masturbation scene Sumeet in an interview with Hindustan Times said, “ It was essentially showing the back story of Swara’s character. She was not happy in her marriage and had no chemistry with her husband.” “If it was a man featured in that scene, it would have been perfectly normal and a healthy thing to do. But as it is a woman, which perhaps is a first in Indian cinema, it became a problem.”

Swara Bhasker has done a great job, her character is bold and outrageous and the film is pretty much contemporarary. Well Veere di wedding has been a great success and has been loved by audience, that is what counts.

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