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Sumrit Shahi Attends Jaipur Literary Fest As A Panelist


Jyothi Venkatesh

Writer Sumrit Shahi recently attended the Jaipur Literary Fest and participated in a discussion as a panelist. The discussion was about transforming books to web series or TV shows. “We basically discussed the advent of how books are being adapted for web series, TV shows and movies, and how it has become a popular choice amongst producers and the audience in this country. We also talked about the advent of the web, whether it is working in this country and will then market be booming in the next few years,” he says.The writer had an amazing time at the festival. “I don’t personally look at literature festivals as an area to network. For me, it’s more about meeting like-minded people who happen to be writers. At literature festivals, you have different people from different creative fields so it’s more about meeting each other, exchanging ideas, opinions and thoughts and having a dialogue and that is more important. A literature festival could be used as a platform for networking. But personally, I have never used it as one. For me, it’s only about engaging in stimulating conversation and taking forward the idea of our thoughts,” he says.

His love for the festival goes way back. “I have attended the Jaipur literature festival as a student when I was 18 in college, and I was completely awestruck. Six years later, I got to be on a panel and that was just a surreal experience. It’s like life coming full circle and I don’t think I could be prouder of myself. It was an enlightening as well as a very humbling experience,” he says.Meanwhile, his book Never Kiss Your Best Friend has been converted into a series for the web. “The response has been amazing. The audience has loved the show. It has trended on Twitter. The readers are happy. Most of the critics’ reviews have been so encouraging,” he says.

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