Suparna Marwah on Main Monica: Glad it was loved by the audience

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Actress Suparna Marwah, who plays the role of Rajeev’s mother in the web series Main Monica, produced and written by Ranjeet Chitrakaar, Amber Wasi and Paromita Ganguly, says that she is thrilled at the audience’s reaction. In fact, there is buzz of season 2 as well.

“I am glad it was loved by the audience. I take it as work whether it’s a movie project or a web series. Everything contributes to making sure the audience likes a show, be it the story, director or concept,” she says.

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OTT is giving a platform to talented actors, however, the question of the stardom they achieve from the medium is still a question. But this does not bother Suparna. “Becoming a star was never my aim .

I always take my work as any office job, so the publicity has never crossed my head and nor will it ever,” she says.

Meanwhile, she says that thrillers always work on OTT platforms. “I also love to watch thrillers,” she says.

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