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Supermodel And Founder Of Pinkathon Milind Soman Flags Off The Gathering Of 1000 Fearless Women At The Asiatic Library, Horniman Circle, Mumbai For The Third Edition Of Reclaim The Night Run! 


Jyothi Venkatesh

United Sisters Foundation in association with Mumbai Police organised a 5 km Pinkathon run called ‘Reclaim The Night.. Run!’ in Mumbai at the Asiatic Library. The third edition of Reclaim The Night.. Run!, a midnight run was flagged off by the Shri Vinay Chaubey, IPS, Jt Commissioner of Police Law & Order, Mumbai Police. It saw more than 1000women gathering at Mumbai and participating in the 5 km midnight run. The run was organised by United Sisters Foundation in support of Bajaj Electricals Pinkathon presented by Colors powered by Pond’s Skinfit and in association with Mumbai Police.The run is a symbol of reclamation, empowerment, and the start of a new movement. Every woman who becomes a part of this run learns that all spaces are theirs to be claimed and it is time to forego the stereotype of a woman being confined to the indoors after dark.

Commenting on organizing such initiatives, Supermodel and Founder of Pinkathon, Milind Soman said, “We have organised the Reclaim The Night.. Run! for the third time in Mumbai. I am delighted with the overwhelming response from women and the support from Mumbai Police. Over 150 police were deployed to provide security and to ensure that the girls could run fearlessly. Ever since we have introduced this novel run for women, it has become the main highlight of Pinkathon. For too long women everywhere have been asked to conform to society’s narrow views of dos and don’ts, behaviour, dress and timing. Any woman seen out after a particular time is immediately judged and stereotyped. Sometimes they are punished. This happens in every village, every town, and every city. Women have an equal right to be where ever they want, at whatever time they choose to and however, they may choose to dress. Reclaim The Night.. Run! is an endeavour to get women to make a strong statement about their right to reclaim spaces. Every woman who believes in herself, should celebrate that belief. It is not a protest, it is a statement of fact, a call to solidarity. Women run, walk and celebrate themselves and reclaim the night in a strong statement of affirmation of who they are, and what they must do, to feel safe and secure. Reclaim The Night.. Run! is the platform we have created for them to exercise this choice. It is important to be fearless but not careless. It doesn’t matter whether you are running or walking during the day or night, what you are wearing, whether you are in India or abroad. Stay alert, be smart and don’t let fear be a deterrent.”

Shri Vinay Choubey, IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police, Mumbai said “Women are strong personalities and nothing should stop them from being where they want to be, wearing what they wish to wear and saying what needs to be said. It’s time for them to reclaim what is rightfully theirs; home, office and roads. We, police as well as citizens, need to change the pre-conceived notions and mindset. Mumbai Police will stand by every initiative that respects the prowess of women & reiterates the safety parameters of Mumbai.”

Every woman who becomes a part of the Reclaim The Night.. Run!, learns that all spaces are theirs to be claimed and it is time to forego the stereotype of a woman being confined to the indoors after dark. The Police are always there to protect us, but it is our duty as citizens to do everything we can to help them. As long as guidelines are followed and appropriate precautions are taken on a personal level, there are no spaces that cannot be explored, no avenue that cannot be touched, and no one that can be stopped from exercising their free will. With this step of the Reclaim The Night Run!, we hope that this picture of women standing their ground permeates through society and this restriction of not being allowed to move freely after midnight is quashed. India’s biggest women’s run to encourage and promote fitness & health among women and create awareness for Breast Cancer and other issues relating to women’s health.

An initiative by the United Sisters Foundation and promoted by Maximus MICE& Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the eighth edition of Bajaj Electricals Pinkathon Mumbai 2019 presented by Colors powered by Pond’s Skinfit, India’s biggest women’s run will have around 10,000 plus women participating in the multi-category run on15th December at MMRDA Ground Next to One BKC Building. The focus of India’s biggest women’s only running event, is to encourage an active lifestyle and overall fitness amongst women, while creating a much needed awareness about breast cancer and encourage thousands of new or first-timer women to take up running. The official website for Bajaj Electricals Pinkathon Mumbai 2019 presented by Colors powered by Pond’s Skinfit is through which participants can register online. Twitter Handle: @pinkathon10k.

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