Superstar Singer 2 winner Mohammad Faiz's new song 'Kabhi Shaam Dhale' became a hit...

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Superstar Singer 2 winner Mohammad Faiz's new song 'Kabhi Shaam Dhale' became a hit...

Superstar Singer 2 winner Mohammad Faiz's new song 'Kabhi Shaam Dhale', the lyrics of which have been written and composed by Jani. The song has been released on the YouTube channel VYRL Original. The song has received a lot of love from the audience, the song has 7.8 million views. Let us know about this song from Faiz...

From Superstar Singer till now, your popularity and the love of your fans remain intact. Would you like to say something about how you are feeling?

I would like to thank the fans who gave so much love, and the song is getting so much love right now. I noticed that the song is getting love from everywhere. This song has reunited everyone, when I became inactive, some fans also became inactive, and after the release of this song, everyone has come back. People liked the song, people gave love, I am happy about this, keep your love like this in future also.


What is special about this project for you?

This project is most special for me. I am working with my favorite lyrics writer and composer Mr. Jani. For me, working with him was like a dream come true. I have always been listening to the songs of Jaani, B Praak, and Hardy Sandhu. I am a big fan of all of them, their songs are so famous, and now I have got a chance to work with them. When I got the call for this song, I was shocked and then when this song was recorded eight months ago and now it has come and it has received so much love, I am very happy. I got a chance to work with VYRL Original with this song. Because of all these reasons this song becomes special for me.


Earning your name from the Superstar Singer show and then working on music albums, how do you see this journey of yours?

My journey hasn't even started yet. People might think that my journey started with auditions but it is not so, my journey started when I lifted the trophy. After that, I felt that I had to do something big. It happens with people in reality shows that once they get a little popularity, it goes to their head, I have tried to keep myself away from it, and have worked hard so that I can do something better. It has been three months since I won the trophy, and it is kept at my house, I don't even look at it because when I keep looking at it, I will feel proud that I am a winner. I love all my trophies, I collect trophies because when I used to watch shows in my childhood, I used to think how many trophies they had. My sister would also tell me while watching the shows which child's room is full of trophies, and I used to think that one day I would fill the house with trophies. One was the winning moment for me when I won the trophy and one was the winning moment for me when I sang the song ‘Kabhi Shaam Dhale’. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to sing this song, and I hope I have done justice to the song.


What kind of projects and which artists would you like to work with next?

There are many wishes. I am very fond of collaborating with international artists like Daljit Dosanjh is doing. Working with international artists is a bit difficult but I am fond of it. International artists will be interested in your project only when your songs are big. I also want to work with Daljit Dosanjh. I want to do it with the King too. If we talk about international artists, currently I have to work with Rema and Stephen Sanchez.

publive-image  What kind of response is coming from the fans, you must be getting DMs too, would you like to say something about it?

Like always, this time also I got a good response from fans. I feel like people are not sleeping the whole night, because I stay awake at night and see that people are promoting the song all night long, mentioning it in reels in posts. Editing and posting small updates. When I see this, I feel that I have not even worked so hard on my song. I have received a lot of love from people, I hope their love remains like this.

Would you like to say something to your fans?

You keep your love for me like this. I will try to give my best. Give this song a lot of love. Stream on Spotify, watch on YouTube, make reels on Instagram, tag, like, comment, and share. And keep giving your love like this.

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