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Taapsee Pannu Continues Her Courageous Crusade For Justice For Women In “Thappad”


Ali Peter John

It is strange how some meetings happen. I’ve been wanting to meet this very talented young woman, who has come to films after I have stopped being as active as I once used to be, this actress who has been impressing me and fascinating me with every kind of role that she has been playing during the last few years, an actress who has constantly been giving me the hope that all is still not lost and that the acche din in Hindi films will still come and the time for good and talented actresses will also come. Taapsee Pannu, for me is another name for unlimited and boundless hope….

I have been thinking of ways and means of meeting her ever since I have heard about this film called  “Thappad” and seen the trailer and then read about how some genuinely enlightened minds have reacted to it after seeing the film and Taapsee’s performance in it. I didn’t have to wait long. I had to only switch on my mobile and go to my mail and the first name I saw on it was Taapsee Pannu. She was calling on me by my name and asking me to support her cause which could have been close and dear to her now, but which has been so very close to me ever since my mother first drilled it into me. Taapsee was asking me (like she must have asked many more people) to raise my voice with her voice against domestic violence. She talked about that one slap (thappad) which could be the beginning of all domestic violence. She talked about how the teacher slaps a student, how parents slap their children and how these slaps gradually grow like an addiction and become a way of life.

She had a very strong point of you when she said that there are disclaimers in scenes in films where smoking is shown, where consumption of alcohol is shown, then why can’t we have disclaimers when scenes of domestic violence are shown? She had a very sensitive and a valid point there, then how could I as a thinking and sensitive human being not agree with her and join her in her campaign against domestic violence?

I have been following Taapsee’s career ever since she started out with Telugu and Tamil films in which she excelled even though she had problems with language. She was so good that she had to be recognised by Hindi films and when she came to Hindi films, she started off from where others like her only can dream of reaching, she did lead roles with Amitabh Bachchan in films like “Pink” and “Badla”and stood her ground. She did other films in which she proved that she was a versatile actor who could even play a 70 year old woman enough film like “Sand Ki Aankh” and walk away with the award for the best actress. Among the other films which were marked out by her brilliance were “Mulk”,“Baby” and even “Judwaa 2″ and “Manmarziyan”. What more could anyone ask in the name of versatility?

By the time “Thappad” is out, I am sure Hindi cinema or even Indian cinema will have a face of talent which it has really seen or has never seen before it in Taapsee Pannu, I am sure and mark my words. And as I finish writing this piece in deserving place of Taapsee, I know that she is busy preparing to live the role of the Indian women’s World Cup captain, Mithali Raj and how I love the title of the film, “Shaabaash Mitthu” and at this half way mark of Taapsee’s career, I feel like shouting out Shabaash Taapsee.

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