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Taarak Mehta Caves In, Pleads Guilty Of Having A Pizza In Anjali’s Absence


In the upcoming episode of Neela Film Productions Private Limited’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (TMKOC) Taarak Mehtta buckles under pressure. Now everyone in Gokuldhaam Society along with Anjali is convinced that Taarak has devoured an entire pizza. There is no other explanation as to where the pizza box might have come from. There is no other reason which would explain why Taarak was trying to dispose of the pizza box before Anjali could get home. But watching her husband still continuing to defend himself, Anjali’s disappointment has turned into anger. She is furious and hurt that Taarak Mehtta is lying through his teeth just to defend himself in front of everyone and so, decides to leave him. By Jyothi venkatesh

tarak mehra pizza4   All the doors have closed. Jethaalal’s last ditch attempt to save Taarak Mehtta too has failed. Anjali has threatened to leave him and he is completely cornered. Of course, Anjali is the most important person in his life and he does not want her to go anywhere but also, he does not want to lie. Understanding his dilemma, Champakklal decides to intervene. He informs Taarak Mehtta that he believes him not having ordered the pizza, but at present, it’s most important to ensure that he calms Anjali down. He asks Taarak Mehtta to apologise to her and admit to having the pizza even if it is not true. And so, he does.

tarak mehra pizza4But the story doesn’t just end there! Taarak Mehtta’s admittance to having the pizza has just pushed Anjali into a breakdown. He is now in even more trouble than he was earlier. And Tapu sena has completely zipped up. Despite seeing Taarak Mehtta’s predicament, they continue to remain silent. However, as we all know, things are not always as straight forward in Gokuldhaam Society and the truth will spill out soon than later. Although, to find out how or when the true story comes out, watch the upcoming episodes of Neela Film Productions Private Limited’s show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm only on SAB TV.tarak mehra pizza4

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