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Taashaaa Hayaat files an FIR against KRK for molestation and harassment


Upcoming singer and performer Taashaa Hayaat has filed an FIR against KRK who was recently embroiled in a controversy with Mika Singh.

She has filed charges of harassment and sexual misconduct against KRK. KRK has a history of controversial engagements with many.

Be it Mika Singh, Ajay Devgan, Vindu Dara Singh, Sharib Toshi or the brawl with Ali Quli Mirza, KRK has had a history of misdoings and that had to come to an end.

Taking you to what she has said. Here it is, “When my song Zariya was released KRK made a good review video and it was really nice of him so after his several request to meet me, I thought to meet him and then he called to meet me at his bungalow.

I went to his place, and he asked me to come in his room to meet him. He then asked me what can I do for him?

I said I can do shows for him or sing in shows for free for him. He said you understand what people in the industry and asked me to compromise.

I was leaving and he held my hand and I was hurt and tried to molest. He then said I can do anything to you and no one says a no to her.

But then somehow I left and then he started calling me, abusing me, and threatening me that he would make videos against me. He harassed me and then I had to put an FIR against him.

I have my respect and I can’t say everything out there in the media that I have put in the FIR at Versova Police Station.

I didn’t speak about it to my family since I am from a conservative family. I know my limits and I know what can I do.

He blackmailed me on phone and he used to call from his Dubai numbers to come and meet him.

There are so many girls in Mumbai who are facing these and I want to tell them to get strong and not be abused or threatened by anyone.

He has done this to not just me but to many. I have full faith in the judiciary. Everyone has a right to work and achieve something in life.

And when monsters like KRK do things like this, it breaks them. He has done this to many. He has abused, threatened, lured, and whatnot.

There are good people in the industry and it’s our duty to make it cleaner. I want to give hope to all the girls.

Carry on the hard work and never be pinned by such people. You have only trust your hard work and talent. And if it is meant for you, it will come.”