Adah Sharma Rocks Rs. 15 Saree: Unveils Unusual Ventures

When the news broke that Adah Sharma, the heroine of the film 'The Kerala Story', which earned Rs 300 crore, wore a saree worth fifteen rupees, it was natural to be shocked.

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Ada Sharma Rocks Rs. 15 Saree Unveils Unusual Ventures
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When the news broke that Adah Sharma, the heroine of the film 'The Kerala Story', which earned Rs 300 crore, wore a saree worth fifteen rupees, it was natural to be shocked.
It is learned that after making headlines for her tremendous performance in Kerala Story and her comedy in Sunflower Season 2, Adah Sharma is now making headlines for her saree. And yes, the news was true.

Adah Sharma Stuns in Grandmother's Saree: Price Shocker!

Adah Sharma, who is known for her unique style, was wearing a simple peach and orange-colored saree with sneakers in which she was looking very beautiful. When her retro-type saree was praised, she said that it was her grandmother's saree and she also shared the price of the saree, which everyone was surprised to hear.

Ada says, "This saree belongs to my grandmother. So it is priceless for me. You cannot put any value on it, According to my grandmother, she had bought it for Rs 15 when she was young. At that time the price of Rs 15 was very high. I love to wear my grandmother's sarees by turning my T-shirts into blouses. " Netizens went crazy over this style of wearing a sari.

Adah Sharma, who made headlines in the country and abroad with her highest-grossing female lead film to date in 2023, 'The Kerala Story', has three OTT releases (Kerala Story, Sunflower Season 2, and Bastar ) this year within a month. She is receiving praise and reviews for her varied performances in all these.

When asked how she got so deep into the character of Rosie and how she made her so authentic in Sunflower 2, Ada says, "I wanted to be real and it's not just about the fact that how you can dance, rather it is about body language, like how you sit and stand and how comfortable you can be with your body even when you're not performing. I wanted to learn how bar girls interact with customers with complete confidence, so I decided to spend some time in a **bar**. The bartenders were so nice that they allowed me to stay at the bar and observe everything with my own eyes. I observed their expressions while talking to customers. I used to go to stay there from 9 pm to sometimes till 4, 5 am in the morning.”

Adah Sharma: From Award-Winning Performances to Animal Advocacy

As much as Ada is in the headlines for her talent and award winning challenging performances, she is also in the news for some beautiful reasons in her personal life, like Ada recently shared a video of her bathing an elephant which went viral online. Millions of fans can't stop leaving lovely comments on Adah's love for animals. People could not believe that even a top actress could do all this, sometimes she wears a saree worth fifteen rupees, sometimes she spends the night in a bar and sometimes she bathes an elephant.

“Working out should always be fun and working out with friends is best,” says Ada. "The elephant is my friend and bathing him is a full-body workout that takes an hour. From shoulders to biceps, to glutes and legs. This workout equally combines crunches, leg workouts, and weight training all in one. Diet plays an important role in fitness. I am also a pure vegetarian like my favorite friends, elephants."

Ada has also joined hands with the animal hospital TOLFA, which works with animals who have been abused. Soon she will be seen in an international project.
Adah has a strong social media following and her fans not only love her fiery performances in films, but they also love the funny videos she posts.


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