Adah Sharma Rocks Rs. 15 Saree: Unveils Unusual Ventures

Adah Sharma, the heroine of the film 'The Kerala Story', shocked everyone by wearing a saree worth fifteen rupees

The saree she wore was actually her grandmother's, making it priceless to her

Adah Sharma is known for her unique style and often wears her grandmother's sarees by turning her T-shirts into blouses

Adah Sharma has been praised for her performances in 'The Kerala Story', 'Sunflower Season 2', and 'Bastar'

To prepare for her role in 'Sunflower Season 2', Adah Sharma spent time in a bar to observe how bar girls interact with customers

Adah Sharma is also known for her love for animals and recently shared a video of her bathing an elephant

She is a pure vegetarian and has joined hands with the animal hospital TOLFA

Adah Sharma has a strong social media following and is loved by her fans for her fiery performances and funny videos