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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.


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Jyothi Venkatesh

While this pandemic gave us time to spend with our family, locked up at home has been a little hazardous too. But actor-TV host Gunjan Utreja feels that people should take this pandemic as an opportunity to create and reboot themselves. He feels that this pandemic and the ongoing lockdown can certainly affect one’s mental health, and the best thing to do at this time will be to talk to their family members, meditate or seek professional help.“Mental health is an issue and I have been very vocal of the same. I have been suggesting everyone around me to start focusing on deep breathing and if possible eventually find your way to meditation. It will help us not only during this pandemic but also in life.

Gunjan continues.”I would also like to urge everyone around to talk to your family about your feelings. They are our best friends. One can also confide in professionals for help. And don’t look at this pandemic as barrier. Take this as an opportunity to create and reboot your self,” he said.These days social media platforms are flooded with videos by celebrities doing their household chores, workouts, etc. And Gunjan feels that audience loves “authenticity” and in a way social media helps celebs showcase the same. However, he added that people will connect to the stars more if they show their real self.


Here’s what he says, “Gone are the days when people loved mystery around an actor. Today people not only love you for your craft but also love you for who you are. Social media has broken the barrier. Audiences engage with their favourite stars on daily basis. So the more real you are the more they connect with you and want to watch your content. People love authenticity and social media helps them showcase the same. Now an actor is not dependent on magazines and newspapers to express her / himself. This is a new normal.”


Asked about the first thing he will do once the lockdown is lifted, Gunjan said, “I would like to go hug the man who picks up garbage from our home every morning. I believe all the people who have been working tirelessly to keep our surroundings clean in this pandemic are no less than heroes. They too deserve equal respect and appreciation.”Gunjan has recently featured in a music video titled “Judaai”. Sung by Moin Sabri, the video also stars newbie Aaira Dwivedi. His chat show Chalk and cheese on JioStudios/Jio Cinema is also being loved by everyone.

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