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Tanhaji review:The film is as strong as was expected

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The film is as strong as was expected after watching the trailer of the film. It will not be wrong to say that tanhaji may prove to be the biggest hit of Ajay Devgan’s career so far. Let’s see review of Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior


The film begins in 1647, where Tanhaji’s (Ajay Devgan) father, who calls him “Tahniya”, is teaching some Fighting moves to Tanhaji . Tanaji’s bravery and ability can be seen from this scene. The Mughals kill Tanhaji’s father, and before he dies, Tanhaji’s father says to him “Tahnia, you owe the debt to the soil now”
Now the story moves forward 17 years to 1664, where the valor of Shivaji Maharaj (Sharad Kelkar) is told, the subedar Tanhaji Malsure i.e. Tanhaji is Shivaji Maharaj’s right hand and his  friend. Tanhaji kills a group of Mughals along with some soldiers. On the one hand, Aurangzeb (Luke Kenny) is strategizing to bring Mughalism to the whole of India, while Shivaji Maharaj is also determined to swear on Swaraj.
As a reconciliation, Shivaji Maharaj gives the Mughals 23 forts, including the Kondana Fort. When the Mughals come to take over the Kondana Fort, Rajmata Jijabai is performing her puja, upon the insistence of the Mughals, she surrenders the Kondana Fort to them, and vows that she will not wear her slippers, untill  the ‘Bhagva’ wave on  this fort  again
Now the story moves forward 4 years, Tanhaji and his wife Savitribai (Kajol) are busy preparing for their son’s wedding, Tanhaji comes to Shivaji with an invitation where he comes to know that Udaybhan Rathod (Saif Ali Khan),one of the best bodyguard of Aurangzeb has been sent to destroy the Marathas by giving 2000 soldiers and a cannon named Nagin.Now Tanhaji insists on taking the responsibility of this mission.
Udayabhan is as brave as Tanhaji, but he is barbarous also.Due to this behavior, he kills Princess Kamala Devi’s husband and take her to get  married. A traitor informs Udayabhan that Tanhaji is waiting for him on the way to the hill with his people, causing Udayabhan to change his course.
Tanhaji makes a plan with some Marathas working for Udayabhan, and runs away to take stock of Udayabhan’s whereabouts on the pretext of arresting himself.
Now Tanaji again attacks Udayabhan with his army in a planned manner and despite losing one hand, kills Udayabhan while fighting bravely.


The film connects with itself from the beginning and does not allow eyes to lose sight even for a second. The hill and battle scenes add more life to the film. Looking at the film, it seems that you are in a different world. Graphics and VFX are well used in the film.
None of the scenes in the film seem animated or intriguing. Everything is in its own place.


The film is directed by Om Raut and a spectacular performance of his work is seen in the film.


The music of the film is very spectacular, the music becomes more enjoyable together with the visuals.


Talking about the acting of the film, all the characters of the film have played their character perfectly,Ajay Devgan has put “Chaar Chaand” in Tanaji’s character, Kajol is also playing Savitribai’s character very well. Saif Ali Khan is playing in Udaybhan’s cruel and cynical character, he also scares and laughs in the film.No one has left any shortcoming in their acting.

Reason to watch

Tanhaji may prove to be the biggest hit of Ajay Devgan’s career so far, this film can make a different place in the history of Bollywood. The year 2020 started off with such a fabulous Movie “Tanhaji”.

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