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Tanushree Dutta Is On A Roll And We Can’t Keep Calm Over It

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The pretty star is in a self improvement spree and the results are for everyone to see. She has been heavily indulging in multiple high intensity physical workout sessions.  We hear that Tanushree has been doing dance classes, swimming, yoga cycling and quite a few other things all at once. The results are for everyone to see. She has lost a considerable amount of weight and it’s very visible. She is consistently making improvements and she is getting back to her physical best. She has been actively involved in meditation and spiritual practises while in her alone time in USA.We can guess that bollywood is beckoning soon but it’s Tanushree and only she knows her plans best. We tried talking to her on this and here is what she had to say,” I am definitely doing all the self improvement sessions but what is ahead in the future,let’s all keep guessing so it’s a surprise when it actually comes out.”

Knowing the strong woman that Tanushree is we surely know that big things are ahead and we can only keep guessing. We wish her all the best for she is one hell of a woman and a change catalyst in the society. We love you and we are all rooting for you. .

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