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Tapsee Pannu shares her fond memories and more from the sets of Rashmi Rocket with IMDb


Tapsee Pannu candidly reveals that Squash is her favourite sport to play and when it comes to her favourite sportsperson she says, “I don’t think I can choose because I am in so much awe of these sports people, they are actually the real heroes for me…. I follow them more than I follow any other profession, or I don’t think I consider any other profession as heroic as representing the country! – Jyothi Venkatesh

Tapsee also confesses that running comes naturally to her, since she was an athlete in school and would run in 100m-200m-400m races.

For her role, she had to learn some professional sprinters techniques. Next, she had to unlearn and adopt the right technique to keep her free of injuries.

Taapsee Pannu’s role in Rashmi Rocket has been the hardest for her to get into compared to any other film she has worked on.

When asked her about her most favourite memory on sets, she reminisces, “Once when I was sprinting during shots and there were real athletes, we had called who were there running with me, who were probably watching the training…. the compliments from them that I did really look like a real athlete were the most cherished ones coming from the people who do it as a profession.”

“There are very few stories which have an equal WOW commercial value and have a very strong impact emotionally also…very few scripts you come across…either you have scripts which are very emotional, impactful or you have those big canvas wow films very rarely you have a combination of both, and this film had that!”, when asked Tapsee what motivated her to take up this role.

If not an actress Tapsee says that she would have studied for an MBA in Marketing.

You can watch the entire video with some more interesting revelations exclusively on – ‘Rashmi Rocket’ Star Taapsee Pannu Answers 6 Questions | IMDb Exclusive

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