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Tapu Sena On Bhide’s Radar Again

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Jyothi Venkatesh

It’s a lucky day for Bhide who has kick-started his bright sunny morning with Madhavi preparing delicious Misal and Chai breakfast. Bearing an expression of delight he tastes a spoonful of the spicy missal and starts showering praises for Madhavi for preparing him the morning meal. Madhavi too reciprocates by complimenting him for the kurta he’s wearing. While the duo is enjoying this romantic breakfast, loud noises coming from the playground below disrupt their happy moment.

Tapusena talks to Bhide

Bhide rushes to the balcony to find that the source of the ruckus is Tapu Sena. He begins scolding them and telling them to tone it down. The kids pretend to agree with him but actually turn a blind eye and continue playing with the same enthusiasm as they were. Unfortunately for Tapu Sena, within minutes of Bhide’s lecture on how to behave decently, the cricket ball they are playing with lands in his missal splashing it all over his kurta. Both the missal and the kurta that had made his morning good, had just been ruined by Tapu Sena.

Tapusena hides to save themselves from Bhide’s anger

In a fit of anger, Bhide rushes down to give the children a piece of his mind when Jethalal intervenes and the event brakes into a heated argument between Jethaalal & Bhide. Gokuldhaam society goes speechless as they can’t find a way to broker peace between the two. Bhide seizes the cricket kit in anger. How will Tapu Sena calm down the furious Bhide? Will they be able to? Or will Bhide forgive the kids?

Bhide’s Kurta spoils

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