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Tarot card reader ayush gupta predicts bandagi kalra’s future


Jyothi Venkatesh

Ace tarot card reader and reiki healer Ayush Gupta recently met ex Bigg Boss contestant Bandagi Kalra. The meeting was great, says Ayush, adding that the tarot cards promise a lot of progress in Bandagi’s life next year. “Meeting Bandagi was amazing. She lives with her pet dog Tim Tim. She is very sweet and kind natured. She is connected to spiritual energies and the universe. I felt strong positive vibes from her.

The way she talks, I was not able to see any ego or attitude in her. She was very down-to-earth,” he says.He adds, “The best part of our meeting was the discussion we had about energy, life force. We also had an amazing tarot card session and spoke about reiki too. It was a strong, deep and positive conversation. I loved the meeting.”

Ayush says that next year is very lucky for Bandagi. “Career-wise, the way she has been doing after Bigg Boss has been good. The energies are positive but there have been ups and downs. But after January or February, there will be a lot of opportunities which she will get. She will get the kind of work she has been expecting for a long time.

She has been working so hard but the result that she has been getting isn’t as good. But after the first two months next year, the passion and hard work she has for her work will bear fruit. There will be financial growth, and her name and fame will also grow. Her career will be at its peak in 2021 mid. She can get some big projects or music videos,” he says.

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