Tarot Card Time: Here's What's In Store For These Tv Actors!

 Arjun's professional career is on a high. Personally, also, I see stability in his life because his Rahu is been exalted since last few years.

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Tarot Card Time: Here's What's In Store For These Tv Actors!
Celebrity tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani tells JYOTHI VENKATESH where these actors are headed! 
Arjun Bijlani
 Arjun's professional career is on a high. Personally, also, I see stability in his life because his Rahu is been exalted since last few years. Maybe astrologically it's the most powerful period going on in his career.  Personally, also, he has stability on his personal front. The last 3-4 years have been auspicious for him and he continues to have a good run for a while because his Rahu is exalted. He needs to be careful of his lower back problem,  a knee or leg problem that could cause him a sort of injury. Apart from that, he will continue to make money.
Ravi Dubey
 Jamai Raja is launching on 10th of September and I see it doing really well. I see it doing well because it's got the card of the world. Ravi is in a very good space in his career and so is Nia Sharma but more Ravi Dubey because of his popularity and fame. Right now, his Jupiter's exalted and so is his Venus. He would benefit financially and popularity-wise from the show. I see the show getting a good response because it already has a certain fan following. It will benefit Nia too. Overall the show card has got three of cups which is a celebratory card. So I definitely see the show doing decently well.
Aniruddh Dave


 Aniruddh's Jupiter's very powerful at the moment and so is his Venus.  I see stability in both in his personal and professional life. Professionally, he's recently been doing well in his show. And right now he needs to definitely concentrate on his career because right now is a good time for his career. He'll be getting a little more benefit after October on the career front. Personally, there is stability, so there's no major problem for him.
Mrunal Jain
 Mrunal's Mangal is a little weak. That's why he is not able to really get the time or the career prospects that he should be getting. There are phases when Mars favors him and when it favors him, it benefits him suddenly. Personally, his life is stable, but in his career, he will have periods of good and bad. So there will be times that it will be a little slow and then there will be times where things will be very fast, very quickly that he wouldn't even know how things move so fast.
Ssharad Malhotra

 Ssharad has got a strong Mangal. He needs to keep his temperament in check. Otherwise, it will be a hindrance for him even professionally. Personally, there will be more stability and happiness in his life post-October. And on the professional front also post January, he will get more benefit in his life, but he needs to control his mars which is a little aggravated and so is his Rahu. So as soon as he does mars and Rahu  remedy, he'll benefit more
Shivin Narang
 Shivin's got a very powerful Venus and a very powerful moon. His Mars is also powerful and that makes him a go-getter, achiever, risk-taker. That will help him in his career. Personally, he won't be able to make a decision quickly. It'll take him at least one and a half to two years minimum to decide about his personal life. Although his career is on a higher move, his fan following is good, his fame is good, everything is good, but if he strengthens his ketu, he'll be able to get more fame and success. So he should do ketu ka mantra, that will help him a lot.
Shashank Vyas
 Shashank's personal life is a little weak because his Jupiter is slightly weak in terms of his personal life stability. His career, however, is very powerful because he's got a very good Venus. He's also got a very good Rahu and moon, so they support his career. But his Jupiter's little weak on the personal front so he may have some problems in terms of settling down. There might be a little delay. He could settle down but it will at least take minimum six months from now. June 2020 onwards, up to 2022, is an auspicious time for him where he might find his partner and settle down. 

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