Team Cook, CEO of Apple Company, became engrossed in eating Vada Pav with Madhuri Dixit!

By Muskan Taneja
New Update

Apple's brand is considered a prestige issue in India. Keeping their computer, mobile phone, etc. with them shows as expensive. That's why when Tim Cook, the CEO of this company, came to India for the first time in 2016, many big people of our country were happy to take photographs with him. The demand for their expensive brands had increased. This time the picture has changed. Team Cook has come to India for the second time for its business expansion. This time he is very happy to eat "Vada Pav" with Madhuri Dixit in Mumbai and has expressed his happiness on social media.

publive-imageApple Company is opening its own retail show stores in Mumbai and Delhi. For this, the company CEO Tim Cook has traveled to India to establish its brand in Mumbai and Delhi. Team Cook met Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani's house in Antilia in Mumbai, the country's financial capital, and met Tata Sons Chairman N. Chandrasekaran has met. Apple's first self-owned store opens in Mumbai's Jio World Drive Mall in BKC. Team Cook, who arrived here to address his 100 employees, had refreshments with some special VIP guests. The special guest among the guests was Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri said, 'What can be better than 'Vada Pav' to welcome someone in Mumbai? The team was very happy while eating and chatting with Madhuri Dixit and shared their happiness on social media- "Very happy to eat Vada pav with Madhuri Dixit for the first time. What delicious food!"


Let us tell you that Tim Cook is a high-profile executive who excites the business world of the country he visits. In Mumbai, the team has met Reliance and Tata Group to grow their business. He also had business meetings with Reliance Company's Jio Chairman Akash Ambani and Reliance Retail Director Isha Ambani. Cook appointed Tata Group's N. Had a business meeting with Chandrasekaran as well. Before coming to India, Team Cook also sent messages of praise to India, which India has been described as incredible and cultural.

publive-imageAfter Mumbai, Team Cook built Apple's second own store in Delhi. He will also meet the Prime Minister in Delhi. He will take with him the memory of meeting Prime Minister Modi in Delhi and having a Vada Pav with Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit in Mumbai. The discussion of Madhuri Dixit eating his "Vada Pav" is going on very interestingly among the film gossip.


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