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Tehseen Poonawalla: Asim Was Siddharth’s Tail!

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 Jyothi Venkatesh

Friends have turned foes in the Bigg Boss house. Asim Riyaz and Siddharth Shukla’s friendship was renowned in the house. They have stood by each other from Day one. However, recently, there seemed to have been trouble in paradise. Ex contestant Tehseen Poonawalla, who also had an altercation with Asim when he was in the house, says that Siddharth seems to be right in this case. “I believe Siddharth is correct. Asim rode on Sidd’s popularity. When I was there, I saw Asim as nothing more than a tail of Siddharth and now the tail thinks! He is a snake! Yesterday Siddharth was not at all at fault . He was doing his task, Shehnaz wanted an orange not an apple and Sidd was correct in asking for the fruit. Shehzaz was demanding. Asim was an idiot to be giving apples instead of the oranges that were asked for. On top of it, Asim pushed Sidd first,” he says.

He adds, “Asim is very unhygienic when it comes to the toilets or even other hygiene. For example, he puts his dirty hands in the sugar jar to eat plain sugar as a sweet and then he puts the same sugar back from his dirty hands, which touched his mouth, into the jar. He also thinks he is a tough kid. I was the only person he did not retaliate with when he tried to fight me and I took him on!  He thinks he is a bully but he knew the consequences of messing with me. Hence, he curled his tail between his legs and backed off. Every housemate was happy I put him in his place”

He says that he would have managed this situation differently if he was there in the house currently. “Had I been there in the house, while he did what he did with Sidd, I would have intervened and Asim would have paid heavily for it . Bullying is unacceptable and I just can’t stand bullies, who think they can push someone. Play the game decently don’t be a bully. That’s my advice to everyone there,” he says.

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