Tehseen Poonawalla Cheers Acid Attack Warriors in the Reality Show LOCK UPP*

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Tehseen Poonawalla Cheers Acid Attack Warriors in the Reality Show LOCK UPP*

Recently, on the occasion of Women’s Day, Acid-attack survivors entered the jail as the special guests. The contestants tried to serve their best to entertain them and even asked them to share their inspiring stories.


The Acid attack survivors narrated their dreadful experiences that they have gone through in their lives.The inmates couldn’t stop their tears after hearing their frightful experiences. Each one of the women’s experiences was heartbreaking.

Acid-attack survivors were seen telling that it is very easy for the culprits to throw acid on them but it takes years and years to overcome from the incident and has to go through multiple surgeries.

They also added that there is no strict action taken against the culprits and therefore the justice is usually delayed.


A few moments later, the contestants tried to entertain them and even danced with them to music. They were also seen coming together and posing for a picture.

Tehseen Poonwalla was seen addressing them as Acid Warriors and not Acid victims. He said, “Aap warriors ho victims nahi ”.

He further assured them that he will file a PIL in the Supreme court so that the Acid Warriors would be granted justice within 3-6 months and even free treatment. He also said that if any doctor refuses to provide free treatment then a contempt of court should be done on him.


About 3 days before the Women's day event in a discussion around trolling with Munawar and Saisha, Tehseen talked about the issue of Acid Attack.

During this conversation, Munawar was seen telling that the people who troll either belong to the middle class or lower class.

To which Tehseen disagreed and told that he has experienced the same where people have threatened him to attack with acid and this has happened with him in 5-star restaurants where you will find mostly upper-class people.


“The incident he was talking about last week happened when he was at lunch with a member of the Israeli consulate and a gentleman in the same coffee shop at an adjacent table walked up abruptly interrupted and started questioning him about a recent television news debate.

Tehseen graciously obliged and put his point of view across and corrected the gentleman on facts due to which the gentleman lost his temper and started hurling threats on Tehseen in front of the consulate member saying that he would attack him and his family as well as the people who he was supporting on the debate with acid or worse”, says Monicka Vadera Poonawalla, wife of Tehseen Poonawalla.

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