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Tehseen Poonawalla Gets Candid About His Signature Flag Pin

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Jyothi Venkatesh

All those who know ace journalist Tehseen Poonawalla well, are aware that he has been wearing a flag pin since eternity. Tehseen will soon be entering the Bigg Boss house and as he gears up for his stay in the house, there is talk of him having the cover the flag pin. “For me, India is more than just my country. It’s my only identity. It is who I am. It is in my blood and in my skin. So, I got India on my skin. it’s disappointing that I will have to over it because I have never had to cover it even abroad. However, I understand their pressure so there are no hard feelings,” he says.

Tehseen says that while the reaction to his flag pin has always been incredible, there was a time when he was accused of this being a publicity stunt. “I have been Wearing the flag pin since 2008-09. The reaction to the flag pin has always been positive. I even wear it abroad but I have been attacked by a political party for the same her. I was told that I did it for publicity. Imagine, this happened with me in India, whereas it has never happened abroad,” he says.

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