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Jyothi Venkatesh

Celebrities are picking up different ways to fight and win against the Corona battle every day.  Amongst them, Terence Lewis decided to do a generous deed by cooking a homely meal for his watchman to humbly thank him for his service to the society during the pandemic.The world is in a crisis with the COVID-19 getting worse with each passing day, amongst which Mumbai is in a complete lock-down as well. The city that lives through chaos is now still and silent. Most of the people have been granted the privilege of working from home. Amidst this, there is a section of society – our watchmen and other helps who are continuing to serve even through the epidemic.

Ace choreographer Terence Lewis took this opportunity to make a warm and delicious meal for the watchmen of his building. With major food delivering services also being shut down, many watchmen are unable to source out a way for their meals. Terence is seen giving his followers a fun step-tutorial on how to prepare delicious and healthy Khichdi. Through the tutorial, he is also seen urging his fans to lend a helping hand to their respective watchmen and helping staff during this period of crisis.It is important to not forget that we need to be together in this period of crisis and Terence beautifully gives us a lesson as to how we can contribute in our own little ways. The phenomenal dancer has been proactively making the most out of the situation. From virtual dance lessons to cooking through the quarantine, Lewis has aced living through the epidemic in a productive way.

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