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Dearest Shah Rukh Khan,

It's been 20 years since the song "Chand taare tord laau, saari dunia par mai chaau. Bas itna sa khwaab hai" was filmed for Yes Boss (1997). At that time very few could have predicted that this very line would one day come true for you. It seems like the universe itself and not Javed Akhtar wrote the lyrics to this song for no one in their wildest dreams would've thought that a young boy who lost both his parents by the tender age of 21 would end up ruling Bollywood in the time span of two-and-a-half decades. But you did it!

One look at your journey and anyone can figure out that it has taken back-breaking hard work, immense love for your craft and just the slightest bit of luck for you to reach where you are today. As a Delhiite who moved to Mumbai with nothing to lose and the whole world to conquer, you actually did it.

My love for you is more because of who you are as a person and what you have achieved than because of what you do. The story of your success inspires me; it inspires me to do something, to live life to the fullest. You say the only way to succeed is by hard work; your story inspires me to work hard. I remember your dialogues by heart and I repeat them on my finger tips. Every word you say becomes an anthem for me.

On April 16, 2015, I saw you in flesh and blood for the very first time. It was from a distance, but it is a memory I will cherish for a lifetime. You were in Delhi for three days for shooting a sequence for your film, Fan. I remember you were exactly how I had always imagined you would be. I could feel the princely yet grounded aura that you carry. I was star-struck for the very first time in my life. When I look back on that day, it still feels like a celestial dream. I remember every little bit from that time and I am astounded at how distinct every memory is. I will remember those three days as the best three days of my life...till I meet you in person someday.

My connection with you goes way back. I became popular in school and college by narrating your dialogues and enacting your signature moves. It is astounding how one can have such immense love and admiration for someone they have never even met; so much so that it pushes you to do great things in your life. I look up to you when I am low, I watch your old interviews, your TED talks, your speeches, in fact, I watch almost everything you do or say for it inspires me to try and be better.

I owe you a lot, Shah Rukh, for making me who I am today.

You taught me and the world that love is not just doing hanky-panky (your favourite phrase) but you can make love or spread love even with your teary eyes, wide open arms, and the sweetest dimpled smile. You taught the world that even the war could end if you love someone deeply, madly. Bollywood wouldn’t be Bollywood without you. You have redefined every genre in your own way and created a genre that appears larger-than-life itself.

"Mujhe neeche giraane ke liye, mere jitna uppar uthna padega, jo tumhare bas ki baat nahi hai," is something you said in Fan; to conclude, I would like to say, "25 saal se khade ho sir aap. Giraane waale 3600 aaye aur 3600 gaye, aap wahin ke wahin ho." 

Thank you for entertaining us for 25 years Shah Rukh sir. We wish that you continue doing the same for many more years to come.

Thank you for being an integral part of my life and that of millions of others.

Thank you for existing.

All Hail, King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan.

With loads of love,

(One of your Jabra Fans)

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