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The Bhatt And Anupam Bond…

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At 28, Anupam Kher played the defining role of his career in Mahesh Bhatt’s Saaransh. While Kher had played bit roles before the film, Bhatt gave him his first full-fledged role, and since then, Kher has credited the film-maker for giving him the break that he needed. However, the actor has been giving Bhatt more than simple credit. Apparently, there exists an unspoken understanding between the two, wherein a small amount from each of Kher’s projects will be presented to the film-maker as a token of his appreciation.

A source close to the actor reveals, “For the 34 years since Saaransh, every time Kher signed a film or did something important in his life, he always consulted Bhatt. In fact, he recently gave some amount in pounds to Bhatt, as he is shooting for his upcoming British show. Saaransh helped establish Kher’s acting career after the Shimla-bred actor graduated from Punjab University in Chandigarh and the National School of Drama in Delhi. He then taught dramatics in Lucknow, UP, until landing in Mumbai to begin his career. Kher has made a pact with Bhatt to present him with some money as gratitude.”

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Talking about the pact, the actor had said in an interview, “Not only as an actor, but as somebody who comes from a small town, the country and the industry has given me an opportunity to showcase my work without having any godfather or film background. Saaransh changed my life. I was 28 (then). Thank you Mahesh Bhatt saab for your faith and Rajshri for the debut film.”


After the grand and unexpected success of “Saaransh”, Butt made it a point to include Kher in the cast of all the films he directed, the most important films being “Dil Hain Ki Maanta Nahi”, “Daddy” and a few others…

Ten years later, Anupam had become a star and was demanding a very high price, but Bhatt was still treating him like a disciple and is said to have never paid Kher any money. But when Anupam felt that he had done more than necessary to show his gratitude to his mentor, he asked Bhatt to pay him some money, not the price he was getting in the market, but at least some money because he could no longer afford to work for him free.

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Bhatt, they say, took that as some kind of an insult and then never cast Kher in any of the films made under the banner of Vishesh Films.

The two are still very good friends and Anupam even expresses his gratitude to Bhatt for giving him the chance to be what he is today, but the bitter truth remains that they have not worked together for more than twenty years.

It was only recently that Bhatt who had decided never to direct a film again, broke his vow and decided to direct “Sadak 2” with Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt, Alia Bhatt and others. There was no talk about who would play the role of the eunuch villain played by the late Sadashiv Amrapurkar in the original. Many felt and even spread the story that Anupam would perhaps come back and work with Bhatt and play the role of “Maharani”. But, it is official that Anupam is not doing the film like he is not doing so many other things like not campaigning for the BJP in spite of declaring himself a Modi bhakt. Kher has now decided to only focus on films made in Hollywood and other places and is a personal friend of stars like Robert De Niro and many others male and female superstars. He has not signed any Hindi films during the last two years.

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How time changes for some people. The man who got his break in Saaransh by literally threatening and cursing Bhatt is now a star who Hollywood wants to play some very important roles and even pay him many times more than his price in Hindi films.

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