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The Chicha Story!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

It is a well-known fact that the men in Kabir Khan’s 83 got along like a house on fire. In fact, so much was the camaraderie on the set, that they would address each other as ‘Chicha’! Sahil Khattar, who plays the role of wicket-keeper Syed Kirmani, in the film, says that this ‘Chicha’ business was quite contagious. “We used to all call each other Chicha on the set. In fact, Ranveer (Singh) and I used to do this with each other a lot! So much so that Kabir would often get angry that we were wasting time on the set! It was so much fun,” says Sahil.In fact, we happened to spot Ranveer referring to Sahil as Chicha on one of Sahil’s posts on Instagram too. Sahil had posted the poster of 83 and Ranveer commented “Chicchaaaaaa aawo!!!! (Sic)”.By their pictures on social media, it’s quite evident that this set was quite the madhouse. We can’t wait for this one to hit screens!

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