The dare devil Global opera queen, Gioconda Vessichelli goes wild when she gets into the fun of Holi

Gioconda Vessichelli goes wild when she gets into the fun of Holi

Sulena Majumdar Arora

I don’t know what type of soul-relation the world famous opera queen Gioconda Vessichelli has with Mayapuri magazine, but one thing amazes me that the opera queen, about whom, the world’s biggest journalists and newspapers and magazines gets desperate to have a peek in her life, but she hardly finds time for them, the same Gioconda does not refuse to interact with me i.e Mayapuri, even at three o’clock in the night. My compulsion is that, due my hectic and busy life, I mostly do my writing work  late at night. Yesterday suddenly a thought came to my mind that what would Gioconda, the embodiment of color and vibrancy, who is a foreign girl and believes herself to be the daughter of India in her previous birth, be doing on the day of Holi and in the festival of colours, what would she be thinking about this Hindu festival? I contacted her late at night and the conversation that followed was filled with all the colors of Holi. Here are the highlights of the conversation:-

  Gioconda Vessichelli goes wild when she gets into the fun of Holi (7)

—— You are of foreign origin but you had told about your previous birth relation with India, so what is your experience regarding Holi?
Gioconda – – – – My curiosity about Holi has been there ever since I came to know about this rainbow festival and when I experienced this beautiful vibrant festival myself I can say that my experience of this festival is very good about. I celebrated the first Holi of my life with TOI owner Vineet Jain, and several other well-known personalities (Meet Brothers, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Manish Malhotra and many others) who were guests at a Holi party like me. We enjoyed a lot dancing and splashing colors there. My dream life and real life is always full of colours, so Holi is definitely the most perfect festival for me. You can see on the Instagram page how happy I look

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Gioconda Vessichelli goes wild when she gets into the fun of Holi (8)

——- Have you ever been hit by a colored balloon on the day of Holi?
Gioconda——–: (Laughing gleefully) Luckily no one ever hit me with a colored balloon because I am the domineering girl who always hits . (Laughs out loud) When I’m ecstatic,  dancing and sprinkling merriment, I’m in a frenzy of wild passion, because the she-wolf in me wakes up ( giggles mischievously)

—- What do you do on Holi?-
Gioconda—–: I usually go to all the events where they invite me as the guest of honor in Holi celebrations and in some of those events I also sing my BollywoOPERA songs as they organize a big nice and grand show with the lots of audience.

Gioconda Vessichelli goes wild when she gets into the fun of Holi (6)

——How do you celebrate Holi festival?
Gioconda——: I mainly meet all my friends and sometimes I go out for dinner with my close ones and enjoy Holi special dishes.

—–Did you know about Holi in childhood?
Gioconda——–: No, unfortunately I did not know about this beautiful festival, Holi because there is no large Indian community or Indian people in Italy…But surprisingly I used to dye my hair green from my primary school days, as if nature had made me a symbol of Indian festival Holi from that very young age.

Gioconda Vessichelli goes wild when she gets into the fun of Holi (5)

—— Then when and how did you come to know about Holi?
Gioconda—–: When I came to India for the first time in 2014, because I was invited to perform a concert for Holi in Bandra with Anup Jalota and Anand Bhosle, I was very excited about the celebration. Thus I Got to know about Holi. It is a trend to color white clothes during the festival, so I was very excited and happy to wear snow white clothes which had become rainbow colored by the evening, after being dyed in the colors of Holi. Every year, what a wonderful sight it is, on that day every person’s dress, in different colours, is dyed in different ways. Seeing so many people coloring in so many different ways, I feel like a rainbow of positive energy.

Gioconda Vessichelli goes wild when she gets into the fun of Holi (9)

– —– One more question Gioconda, with whom would you like to play Holi? A secret wish or a secret hero in your Holi celebration dreams? (no cheating, no lies please) 😜
Gioconda – —- Hmmmm, this question is a bit tricky, If I mention someone’s name,  others will get offended as to why didn’t I take his name , Well, but I am a daring girl, what is in my heart, it is on my tongue, and then there is the occasion of Holi, they say, **Bura na mano Holi hai**, so listen, I want to celebrate Holi with Ranveer Singh I will enjoy playing with him and if his wife Deepika also joins , it will be double the fun. ,