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The First Ever Marathi Sex Comedy Takatak Sets A New Trend In Marathi Cinema By Collecting 3 Cr & 5 Lakhs In 3 Days At The Box Office


Jyothi Venkatesh

Writer-Director Milind Zumbar Kavde’s Takatak which has set new trends in Marathi Cinema has been very well appreciated by the audiences including the teenagers. The first ever sex comedy in Marathi has really enthused the audiences to such an extent right from the very first show on Friday that the crowds at the theatres have not thinned at all and the film has collected 3 cr and 5 lakhs in just a short span of three days.

Takatak which has been produced by Prakash Bhatt, Sujay Shankarwar, Ravi Bahry, Ajay Thakur, Dhananjay Singh Masoom and Ravindra Chaubey under the banner of Purple Bull Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., V. Patke Films and Gaonwala Creations, has elicited a positive feedback from the audiences. The youth especially has given a sterling response to the film and endorsing the new trend created by the film in such large numbers. The youth is of the opinion that though the language used in the film is bold, the content of the film is out of the box. The college crowds feel that since the subject of the film Takatak demanded the kind of language and style and youthful atmosphere, though the film may be loud, it has a lot of mischief and mirth. The new generation will realize what is happening around them and how the youth has to be dealt with and how they will easily come to the conclusion that Takatak is a complete package of family entertainment.

The chemistry between the lead pair of Prathamesh Parab and Ritika Shrotri has been liked by the audiences. The new pair of Abhijeet Aamkar and Pranali Bhalerao has also impressed the audiences with their performances. Along with the lead pairs, actors like Bharat Ganeshpure, Pradeep Patwardhan and Ananda Karekar have also rendered brilliant performances in the film which has elevated the film to altogether different heights. Milind Zumbar Kavde’s style of direction is very different and the songs are not only easy to the ears but also very pleasant to the eyes. The dialogues are not only bold but also meaningful to the core and the film is ruling the hearts of the audiences because of the rich production values that the film Takatak boasts of.

Sameer Dixit and Hrishikesh Bhirangi of Pickle Entertainment and Purple Bull Entertainment have handled the task of distribution of the film. It is to the credit of the distributors that Takatak has managed to get over 450 screens with over 6000 shows. Says distributor Sameer Dixit, “Like in Hindi Cinema where different territories are sold, for the first time in Marathi Cinema, the territory of Nizam (Marathawada) has been sold for Takatak even before the release of the film.”

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